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This issue of Designer’s Digest is focused on the EDA industry’s first autonomous artificial intelligence application for chip design, DSO.ai™ (Design Space Optimization AI). Recently named “Innovative Product of the Year” by the 2020 World Electronics Achievement Awards (WEAA), DSO.ai revolutionizes chip design by massively scaling exploration of options in design workflows while automating less consequential decisions, allowing SoC teams to operate at expert levels and significantly amplifying overall throughput.

Interview with DSO.ai R&D: How are AI and machine learning changing the way we think about chip design?

Ever since its announcement in March 2020, DSO.ai has been making headlines across the semiconductor industry, most recently when it won the ASPENCORE World Electronics Achievement Award for Most Innovative Product of 2020. Designer Digest caught up with some of the innovators at Synopsys’ Machine Learning Center of Excellence (ML CoE) to discuss trends in the exciting space of AI-driven chip design.

Learn about DSO.ai as Aart walks through the technology

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AI Design Solutions at Synopsys

What is Design Space Optimization?

This article explains how Design Space Optimization (DSO) is a novel approach to searching large design spaces enabled by recent advancements in machine learning.

Using AI to Build Better Chips

This Forbes article explains the how Synopsys is working to address the challenges of chip design with AI and machine learning.

Chip Design Symbiosis: Leveraging AI to Design Better Chips

This blog discusses how Synopsys’ DSO.ai is augmenting and accelerating human expertise in chip design.

Four Key Chip Design Insights from the 2020 AI Hardware Summit

This blog discusses the four top insights discussed during week one of this year’s AI Hardware Summit.