The Synopsys 3DIC Compiler platform is a complete, end-to-end solution for efficient, 2.5D, and 3D multi-die system integration. Built on the common, single-data-model infrastructure of the Synopsys Fusion Design Platform™, 3DIC Compiler coalesces numerous transformative, multi-die design capabilities to offer a complete architecture-to-signoff platform – all in a unique, consolidated user environment. This hyper-converged solution comprises immersive 2D and 3D visualization, cross-hierarchy exploration and planning, design and implementation, DFx, and system-level validation and signoff analysis. Take advantage of the highest levels of design efficiency with the ability to scale in capacity and performance to seamlessly support dozens of stacked, heterogeneous-process dies, comprising billions of inter-die connections.

Key Benefits

Unmatched Scalability
System-of-chips integration over hundreds of billions of transistors
High Productivity
Fast exploration and design using world-class implementation and analysis engines
Golden Signoff
Full spectrum design closure and convergence to optimal PPA/mm3

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3DIC Design Panel Speakers | Synopsys

3DIC Design Panel
Crossing Over from Buzz to Adoption

In this session, industry luminaries from AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, Stanford University discuss emerging usage of 3DIC across multiple verticals, including HPC, datacenter and mobile. Hear insights on its abundant promise, challenges, and how to move this exciting technology faster and further into the design ecosystem and normalize it as a go-to methodology.

Latest Videos

Chairman and co-CEO Aart de Geus highlights the scalability, optimality, and verifiability of Synopsys’ 3DIC Solution in this excerpt from the  ISSCC keynote "Catalysts of the Impossible: Silicon, Software, and Smarts for the Era of SysMoore”.

Shankar Krishnamoorthy, GM, Silicon Realization Group, discusses how multi-die design is now being used in various market segments to overcome system challenges. 

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