Synopsys Ethernet IP Solutions

Synopsys Ethernet IP solutions consist of configurable Controllers and PHYs supporting speeds of up to 400G/800G, MACsec Security Modules, Verification IP, IP Prototyping Kits, Software Development Kits, and Interface IP Subsystems. The IEEE-compliant solutions ensure interoperability between digital and mixed-signal layers and are extremely low in power, area and latency for applications such as automotive, consumer, high-performance computing and networking. Synopsys MACsec Security Modules seamlessly integrate with Synopsys MAC and PCS IP, to protect data in motion over Ethernet interfaces against eavesdropping, denial of service, and man-in-the-middle attacks. 

Synopsys' Ethernet IP solutions have undergone extensive third-party interoperability testing and certification, enabling system-on-chip (SoC) designers to accelerate time-to-market and reduce integration risk for next-generation SoCs. 


SemiWiki: Key MAC Considerations for the Road to 1.6T Ethernet Success

The advent of 1.6T Ethernet heralds a new era of connectivity, one where data-intensive applications will seamlessly coexist with latency-sensitive demands. 

Data Center Server Racks

How 100G 200G Electro-Optical Interfaces Enable Low Power, Low Latency Datacenters

In this Synopsys and OpenLight webinar,  we will delve into the trends in optical design, high-speed SerDes advancements for power/latency optimization, and highlight the importance of co-simulation between optics and electronics.

Fiber Optic cables connected to optic ports

Evolution Of Equalization Techniques In High-Speed SerDes For Extended Reaches

The relentless demand for massive amounts of data is accelerating the pace of high-performance computing (HPC) within the high-speed Ethernet realm.

Synopsys and OpenLight Electro-Optical Link Demo

This video showcases a linear/direct drive interoperability demo between Synopsys 112G Ethernet PHY IP and OpenLight's PIC. Watch to see this setup can provide up to 35% in power savings and see our excellent signal integrity and wide-open PAM4 eyes.


Enabling the Global 800G Ecosystem with 112G Ethernet PHY IP

Read to learn how to optimize implementation of 112G Ethernet PHY IP for HPC SoCs. 

Faster Hyperscale Data Centers Start with 224G Ethernet PHY IP

Read  to learn more about the drivers, design challenges, and opportunities for 1.6T Ethernet designs.

Synopsys 224G Ethernet PHY IP at TSMC Symposium

At TSMC Symposium 2023 we showcased a successful 224G Ethernet PHY IP interop demonstration with backplane channels. Watch the various plots, ADC histogram and excellent eye diagrams results.

How Are the Standards for the Terabit Era Defined?

In this podcast, Dan Nenni, SemiWiki founder, is joined by Priyank Shukla of Synopsys and Kent Lusted of Intel to discuss the process of developing high-performance Internet standards and supporting those standards with compliant IP.

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Key MAC Considerations for the Road to 1.6T Ethernet Success

This webinar delves into the considerations, challenges and solutions designers need to know for the MAC required for these 224G Ethernet PHY IP designs.