TPT Overview

TPT is a test tool for embedded software and systems, with an emphasis on automotive platforms. With TPT, you can test ECU software and embedded control systems in all development phases such as Model-in-the-Loop (MiL testing), Software-in-the-Loop (SiL testing), Processor-in-the-Loop (PiL testing), Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL testing), ECU testing and vehicle testing. Whether you create a simple module test or a complex system test: TPT provides unique features to create those tests intuitively and flexibly.

Safety standard directives can be satisfied while testing with TPT up to the highest safety level. Relevant standards, such as ISO 26262, are well supported.

TPT supports all testing activities from test case design/generationtest executiontest assessment and reporting, as well as test management and requirements traceability.

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Key Benefits


Increased Efficiency

Premium quality testing ensures a premium product, right on time


One Tool, Endless Possibilities

Implement once, power everything - supports all major automotive technology, across all execution levels and stages


Seamless Integration

TPT seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows and toolset

Test engineer

Tester's Favorite

Easy to use by non-programmers across the entire testing process

A test efficient centered approach

  • Easy maintenance of test cases with a test case design that is independent from technology and execution​​
  • Once built, always usable: reuse your elements of your test design again and again​
  • Automatic test case generation across all test levels ​
  • Automated test execution ​
  • Excellent traceability by linking requirements to test cases

Your one-tool-fits-all solution

  • Covers your whole development cycle: from unit tests to integration tests​
  • Supports Matlab/Simulink, C-Code, C++, test stand from various manufacturers and many more​
  • Every test execution method from MiL, SiL, PiL to HiL​
  • Cloud-ready, CI suitable​
  • Remains independent when setting up tests and test projects 

IT-friendly integration

  • Deep integration with common development environments
  • Compatible with all CI environments and repositories
  • Test execution under Windows and Linux
  • TPT communicates smoothly with APIs 

Easy to use

  • Clear project structures
  • Understandable test cases and result presentations
  • Built-in examples for an even faster start
  • Robust test executions
  • User-friendly UX
  • Once set up, you can reuse your test cases and test design among other projects and for refactoring the software

How to Test with TPT


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