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Helping Customers Achieve Success:

“Synopsys Cloud delivered enormous compute and EDA tool scalability to accelerate library characterization using Synopsys PrimeLib. These resources were deployed rapidly, reducing the schedule for re-characterization from 3 months to 1 month.”

–John Stahl, Senior Director of ASIC Development at Cisco


“After evaluating other IP, we selected Synopsys CXL 2.0 Controller and PCIe 5.0 PHY IP because of the maturity and better performance, latency and power. Synopsys IP gave us the best chance to minimize our overall design risk.”

– Gerry Fan, CEO, XConn


“The Synopsys STAR Memory System (SMS) enabled comprehensive memory debug and diagnosis on FinFET and planar technologies, identifying and accelerating application of corrective actions.”

– Roberto Gonella, Executive Director, STMicrolectronics


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