Synopsys is a leading provider of software solutions for chip design and manufacturing. Synopsys' manufacturing analytics solutions empower semiconductor chip production by leveraging the power of data analytics through actionable insights. These solutions provide real-time visibility into the manufacturing process, enable predictive analytics, and optimize product quality and yield. Harnessing the latest technological advancements in analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Synopsys helps chip designers and manufacturers achieve operational excellence and higher productivity enabling them a competitive edge in today's dynamic manufacturing landscape.

Key Benefits

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Time to Market

Faster Ramp


Operational Excellence

Maximize Quality and Yield


Reduced Cost

Efficient High Volume Manufacturing


Process Analytics

Synopsys offers a comprehensive set of analytics solutions for process development, process ramp and process control in high volume manufacturing (HVM).   The decisions made early on during process development impact product manufacturability and yield. Synopsys’ process analytics solutions comprehend this requirement and build on linking insights from chip design, process modeling, lithography effects, manufacturing and test to ensure optimal process control. Synopsys deliver solutions for process analytics to shift the paradigm from reactive to predictive and to eventually autonomous process control.

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Product Analytics

As defect density levels in the process reach acceptable levels, the function of product analytics starts during early chip production in manufacturing with a goal to go through product ramp and high-volume manufacturing on schedule and with improved chip production metrics such as product, quality and throughput. SLM Production Analytics is an analytics solution unifying the design and manufacturing silicon lifecycle phases enabling these improved chip production metrics as well as overall improved chip operational metrics such as power and performance throughout the various lifecycle phases.


Product Family