New Virtualizer Studio IDE integrates advanced modeling tools to accelerate VDK creation and deployment

Improve Your Embedded Software Development Environment

New Virtualizer Studio IDE integrates advanced modeling tools to accelerate VDK creation and deployment

Tools to Build, Distribute and Use Virtual Prototypes and VDKs

Virtualizer™ addresses the increasing development challenges associated with software-rich semiconductor and electronic products by enabling companies to accelerate both the development and deployment of virtual prototypes. The results:

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Increased developer productivity
  • Improved product quality
  • Enhanced communication between teams

Creation and Use Support

Virtualizer focuses on two distinct use-cases: the creation of the Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) and use of the VDK for software development.

  • For virtual prototype developers, Virtualizer delivers the fastest time to VDK availability by enabling efficient creation of basic modeling blocks, their rapid assembly into a virtual prototype of the system, and the automated packaging of VDKs for easy distribution.
  • For software developers using the virtual prototype, Virtualizer Development Kits are software development kits that use a virtual prototype as the embedded target. VDKs deliver the highest productivity through fast, register accurate simulation, advanced debug and analysis tools, and synchronized integration with third party software debuggers and embedded software development tools.

A Comprehensive Virtual Prototyping Solution Delivers More

Compared to build-your-own methods, the Virtualizer solution delivers higher productivity, enabling developers to achieve the fastest time to quality software. It includes:

  • Virtualizer Studio, the Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) that integrates Virtualizer creation and use flows into one seamless tool experience, combining advanced modeling and debug tools to speed creation and deployment of high quality VDKs
  • The industry’s largest portfolio of transaction level models and reference designs, with support for standards based SystemC/TLM-2.0 loosely timed (LT), approximately timed (AT), SystemC untimed and cycle accurate abstraction levels
  • Integration with adjacent flows for Physical Prototyping (FPGA), Physical Emulation, HDL simulation, other physical simulators for hardware verification and system validation
  • Support of real and virtual world I/Os allowing the VDK to connect to physical host devices or into the host OS layer
  • Services to accelerate modeling and virtual prototype creation as well as prototype deployment leveraging decades of experience

Virtualizer is part of Synopsys' complete virtual and hybrid prototyping solutions including transaction-level models and consulting services