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Artificial intelligence is pervasive at Synopsys with solutions specifically targeting the design of chips for AI applications and solutions that incorporate AI to accelerate chip design and improve efficiency throughout the EDA flow.  

Key Benefits

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Maximize Chip Design Potential

Push the limits of silicon performance with AI-driven design solutions.

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Power Your AI SoCs

Accelerate AI SoC design with our optimized IP for diverse requirements.

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High-Performance Emulation

Discover and verify new AI architectures faster with emulation hardware solutions.

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Converge AI Architectures Fast

Power, performance, and memory tradeoffs critical to building the best AI SoCs.

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Harness Untapped Insights

Analytics extract and reveal actionable insights from vast amounts of EDA tool data.

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AI-Grade Productivity

Enable design teams to scale and operate at expert levels.

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Synopsys AI Solutions

Whether you are designing chips for AI applications or trying to optimize design targets and maximize productivity from architecture to design and manufacturing, Synopsys has the solutions for you. Explore these solutions below. 

AI-Driven EDA Solutions

Optimize silicon performance, accelerate chip design and improve efficiency throughout the entire EDA flow with our advanced suite of AI-driven solutions. Spend more time innovating and less time getting to market. Join us to explore how we can help drive your chip design to the next level.

Designing Chips for AI Applications

Chips that power AI applications require a magnitude more compute power than traditional chips. These designs require the right processors, arrays of memories, and a collection of AI chips to make the computation necessary for AI algorithms. Synopsys provides a comprehensive set of solutions to help create chips for AI applications to meet these stringent requirements.

Synopsys.ai Full-Stack AI-Driven EDA Solutions | Synopsys

Full-Stack AI-Driven EDA Solutions for Chip Design and Verification​

Synopsys.ai™ is the industry’s first full-stack AI-driven EDA solution suite system architecture to design and manufacturing. The Suite quickly handles design complexity and takes over repetitive tasks such as design space exploration, verification coverage and regression analytics, and test program generation, while helping to optimize power, performance, and area. AI capabilities can help teams quickly migrate their chip designs from foundry to foundry or from process node to process node.​

Synopsys.da Data Analytics | Synopsys

Comprehensive Data Analytics from Chip Design to Manufacturing

Synopsys.ai also delivers the industry’s first data continuum solution to accelerate chip design, verification, and high-volume manufacturing. This AI-driven data analytics solution allows teams to unlock, connect, and analyze the vast amount of data collected across design, verification, manufacturing, test, and in-field operations. Its unique chip monitor technology enables optimization of power, performance, quality, yield, and throughput. The solution consolidated visualization accelerates root cause analysis at any stage of the IC lifecycle.

Silicon IP AI Solutions | Synopsys

Accelerate AI SoC Design and Implementation with AI-optimized Processors, Memories, and Interface IP

Build amazing AI SoCs with our broad portfolio of silicon-proven Synopsys IP. Keep pace with innovations in deep learning algorithms and neural network processing, and meet the diverse processing, memory, and connectivity requirements across mobile, IoT, data center, automotive, and digital home applications.

Application Security AI Solutions | Synopsys

Secure Software for an AI-Everywhere World with Software Integrity Testing

We help you build security and quality into your code for AI-heavy markets like healthcare, financial, retail, industrial controls, and automotive. In response to the growing use of AI tools in software development, Synopsys has announced a preview of its new AI code analysis API, which is now available via the Synopsys Polaris SaaS platform and powered by Black Duck® snippet analysis. Developers can analyze AI-generated code and receive immediate feedback on whether the code may put their organization at risk.

<p>Datapaths are ubiquitous in almost every AI SoC. Verify the equivalence between architectural description and datapath implementation faster with Synopsys VC Formal™ DPV.</p>

Formal Datapath Verification

Datapaths are ubiquitous in almost every AI SoC. Verify the equivalence between architectural description and datapath implementation faster with Synopsys VC Formal™ DPV.

<p>Simpleware™ software accelerates medical device production and R&amp;D workflows by allowing users to leverage machine learning-based AI to automate the segmentation of anatomical structures from 3D image data such as MRI and CT.</p>

Simpleware Automated Solutions Modules

Simpleware™ automated solutions are powered by AI technology using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. What is currently a laborious process that occupies significant engineering resources and time, can now be completed quickly, accurately, and with less variability.

Emulation + -
Zebu Server  | Synopsys

Discover and Verify New Architectures for AI, Faster with High-Performance Emulation

Our emulation hardware solutions shorten development times by allowing designers to run actual workloads on experimental architectures and rapidly validate new AI compute architectures. ZeBu® Server 5 delivers 2x emulation performance for faster verification and earlier software bring-up for AI SoCs.

ZeBu Server 5 also offers the largest capacity, faster compile, advanced debug, power analysis, simulation acceleration, and hybrid emulation to handle new classes of AI SoCs.

Virtual Prototyping | Synopsys

Revolutionize AI SoC Development with Virtual Prototyping Solutions

Power, performance, and memory tradeoffs are critical to building the best AI SoCs. Achieve unparalleled time to results, speed debug, and improve collaboration across the supply chain with Platform Architect™.

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