Leap Ahead of the Competition with AI-Driven EDA Technology

Advancements in AI for EDA are playing a key role in addressing challenges posed by advanced node complexity, aggressive time-to-market targets, increasing manufacturing test costs, and the global engineering resource crunch. The webinar series will discuss how Synopsys.ai™, the industry’s first full stack, AI-driven EDA suite, is delivering significant QoR and productivity improvement across implementation, verification, and test. 

The series tackles the PPA, verification, and test challenges in three separate seminars. The first seminar targets design engineers looking to optimize power, performance, and area targets with our Synopsys Design Space Optimization solution, DSO.ai™. The second webcast focuses on the verification engineer and how to achieve higher quality verification coverage faster with our Synopsys Verification Space Optimization solution, VSO.ai™. The third webcast addresses the challenges faced by test engineers to reduce the number of test patterns while optimizing defect coverage with our Synopsys Test Space Optimization solution, TSO.ai™.

Synopsys.ai frees up engineers to focus on chip quality and differentiation and empowers engineers to get the right chip with the right specs to market faster. 

Click on the individual sessions below to read more about what will be covered in each presentation.

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