Synopsys Cloud

Cloud native EDA tools & pre-optimized hardware platforms

Any Tool. Any Scale. Any Time.

Synopsys Cloud combines the availability of advanced compute and storage infrastructure with unlimited access to EDA software licenses on-demand so you can focus on what you do best – design chips, faster. With cloud native EDA tools and pre-optimized hardware platforms, an extremely flexible business model, and a modern customer experience, Synopsys has reimagined the future of chip design on the cloud that doesn’t disrupt proven workflows.

How Synopsys Cloud Can Help You Design Chips, Faster

Exponential Compute Power
Run design & verification jobs faster with limitless compute & flexible SaaS or BYOC deployment options
Unlimited Access to EDA Licenses On-Demand
Manage the combination of tools & compute needed without traditional license constraints
Pre-Optimized Compute, Standardized Flows
Accelerate time-to-results with standardized flows on highly optimized compute at any scale, any time

FlexEDA Pay-Per-Use Business Model

FlexEDA is powered by patent-pending cloud pay-per-use technology that provides extreme flexibility, access to the entire Synopsys Cloud portfolio of applications, and on- demand access to run unlimited parallel jobs, and unlimited parallel regressions reducing the time to results from weeks to days, days to hours, and hours to minutes. With Synopsys Cloud FlexEDA, arbitrary resource constraints are removed providing access to everything required at any time.

5 Reasons Why Synopsys Cloud FlexEDA Model Will Transform the EDA Landscape →

Accelerate Time to Market with SaaS Instances

Enables three unique SaaS Instances, each with its own sub-flows, to provide coverage for a chip design requirements across a varied spectrum of customers and design types.



Provides automated and standardized flows needed to perform analog circuit design, simulation, layout, and verification tasks across a variety of applications.



Provides automated flows for two primary tasks in a typical digital design: synthesis and RTL-to-signoff. All required EDA tools available with a few clicks.



Incorporates a complete verification simulation flow, including debug and analysis, with pre-configured verification tasks. All with no CAD/IT team required.

Choose How You Want to Deploy

Synopsys has partnered with industry-leading cloud providers – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud – to optimize infrastructure configurations, removing the guesswork so EDA can be rapidly deployed on the cloud. Wherever you are in your cloud adoption journey, Synopsys Cloud is designed to enable you with the flexibility to deploy your EDA workloads as you see fit.

EDA’s 1st Broad-Scale SaaS Model →  |  Download Datasheet 

SaaS Includes Optimized EDA Apps

RTL and Gate-Level Simulations
Scalable SOC verification with VCS and VIP
Static Timing Analysis
Golden timing signoff with PrimeTime
Physical Verification
Comprehensive and high-performance physical verification with IC Validator
Robust Cloud Optimized Flows
Robust, optimized flows for RTL to signoff

Benefits of the Synopsys Cloud

Extreme Flexibility

  • Scale compute and EDA licenses on-demand
  • Pay per hour or minute for actual use
  • Deploy on your own cloud with BYOC, or leverage SaaS for an all-in-one design experience
Improve Time-To-Market

Improve Time-To-Market

  • Run any job with unlimited access to EDA licenses and compute
  • Complete peak loads in a fraction of the time
  • Never compromise on performance
Improve Time-To-Market

Cloud Optimized

  • EDA tools optimized for cloud scale and performance
  • Pre-optimized compute options based on specific EDA workloads
  • Focus on design, not IT or license management
Cloud Optimized

Real-Time Analytics

  • Leverage real-time usage and spend analytics
  • Analyze trends across tools, infrastructure, users and projects
  • Plan project schedules based on actual data


  • Security by Design based on Synopsys industry leading software integrity platform
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Multi-Factor Authentication with Role Based Access
  • Dedicated virtual network with workload protection, vulnerability management, and 24x7 incident response

Trusted Partnerships​ and Foundry Collaboration

Strong partnership and collaboration with major public cloud providers and EDA tools validated and endorsed by major foundries.

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