Photonic Integrated Circuit Design Tools

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Synopsys has the industry-leading tools to make PIC technology mainstream

Synopsys’ 30 years of leadership in EDA, combined with PhoeniX OptoDesigner’s and the RSoft products’ 25 years of leadership in photonic design automation (PDA), positions Synopsys to provide a best-in-class photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design flow.
We facilitate first-time-right PIC manufacturing.

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Complete photonic design solutions across the entire PIC development cycle

Photonic Integrated Circuit Design Flow Diagram

Co-Design of Photonics and Electronics

With Synopsys’ solutions, IC design teams have access to widely used, high-quality IC and photonic design software from a single provider with a single support channel:

  • Simulate photonic and electronic circuits using OptSim Circuit and HSPICE
  • Perform electro-optic device design using the RSoft tools and Sentaurus TCAD
  • Design for manufacturing with OptoDesigner tools and Sentaurus Process and Topography to optimize existing processes and develop new process flows.

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