Synopsys Security Modules for Standard Interfaces

Protect High-Value Data Against Tampering and Physical Attacks

Synopsys offers highly integrated security IP solutions that use a common set of standards-based building blocks and security concepts to enable the most efficient silicon design and highest levels of security for standard interfaces such as HDMI, DisplayPort/USB Type-C, PCI Express, CXL, DDR/LPDDR and Ethernet.

Synopsys’ security modules for interfaces are used by leading manufacturers of high-performance cloud computing data centers, smart TVs, docking stations, video bridges, mobile devices, and other products worldwide. 

Synopsys offers a comprehensive portfolio of standards-compliant PCIe 7.0, PCIe 6.x, and PCIe 5.0 integrity and data encryption (IDE), CXL 3.x and CXL 2.0 IDE, DDR5/LPDDR5 inline memory encryption (IME), HDMI 2.0/DisplayPort/USB Type-C High-Definition Content Protection (HDCP) 2.3, and Ethernet MACsec security modules. The security solutions are pre-verified with Synopsys Interface IP to accelerate SoC integration and time-to-market. Synopsys offers a broad range of secure interface IP products to protect HPC, IoT, mobile, and automotive SoCs against tampering and physical attacks.




Security Needs
for Die-to-Die:
Challenges and Solutions

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