Physical Implementation

place and route tools

High-Performance Design Success with IC Compiler II

IC Compiler™ II enables faster design throughput and better Quality of Results (QoR). Read recaps of the Broadcom, Mellanox and Movidius technical presentations from the IC Compiler II Technology Symposium.

Comprehensive Place and Route

Physical implementation in the Synopsys Design Platform provides an industry-leading, production-proven solution with IC Compiler and IC Compiler II. IC Compiler II is a complete netlist to GDSII place and route system that enables 10X faster throughput for designs across all process nodes. Re-architected from the ground up to deliver unsurpassed scalability, IC Compiler II introduces a new design infrastructure complete with a compact data model and a single timer engine. Both flat and hierarchical designs of all sizes benefit from the new technological advances in IC Compiler II including native multi-core, native multi-voltage, and native multi-hierarchy support.