LightTools is a 3D optical engineering and design software product that supports virtual prototyping, simulation, optimization, and photorealistic renderings of illumination applications. Its unique design and analysis capabilities, combined with ease of use, support for rapid design iterations, and automatic system optimization, help to ensure the delivery of illumination designs according to specifications and schedule. See feature details.

LightTools New Features

LightTools offers powerful new modeling and analysis features that augment the software's industry-leading design capabilities, reliability, and accuracy:

  • Model polarization elements in AR/VR headsets and biomedical instruments
  • Stray light analysis enhancements
  • Enhanced backlight pattern optimization

Why Choose LightTools?

If the performance or cost of your illumination system is critical to the success of your products, then you can depend on LightTools illumination design software.

  • Increase your engineering productivity
  • Enable faster time to market
  • Quickly provide accurate results
  • Fully integrated illumination optimization capabilities
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LightTools in CAD Environments for Freeform Optical Design

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