LightTools Illumination Design Software

A complete design, optimization and analysis solution for illumination optics

Upgrade Your Illumination Optics Designs

LightTools enables you to quickly create illumination designs that work right the first try, reducing prototype iterations. Increase your productivity and decrease your time to market using LightTools' intelligent, easy-to-use tools.

Be Quicker and More Productive

LightTools' optimization tool helps you quickly find the best design solution. Focus more on your design and less on setup and boost productivity thanks to LightTools' easy-to-learn, intuitive interface.

LightTools optimization helps you find the best design solution | Synopsys

Start with the Best Match

Find the best match for your design with the many modules LightTools offers. Multiple modules can be licensed in various configurations to best match your needs.

LightTools modules match your needs | Synopsys

Quickly Deliver Accurate Results

LightTools' illumination analysis calculations = less work for you and fewer mistakes.

LightTools illumination analysis calculations quickly deliver accurate results | Synopsys

Achieve Any Color Performance Goal

From uniformity to quality to saturation, LightTools can help you predict your design's color performance and meet your goals.

LightTools helps you predict your design's color performance | Synopsys

LightTools SmartStart Library

Save time and reduce costs with access to a library of materials and media commonly used in the design of optical systems. Includes refractive index and absorption data as well as pre-defined volume scatter and BSDF materials.

SmartStart Library included with LucidShape CAA V5 | Synopsys

Key Features

  • Sophisticated solid modeling with full optical accuracy
  • State-of-the-art ray tracing speed, with full user control of accuracy and resolution requirements
  • Create a light source from any geometric model, for unlimited flexibility to create custom sources
  • Application-specific utilities to help you quickly build a complete model
  • Extensive source and materials libraries, including LEDs and BSDF measurements
  • Robust data exchange support for mechanical CAD data
  • Interactive, dynamic link with SOLIDWORKS
  • Multiple immersion for modeling the embedded phosphor in an encapsulated LED
  • Full integration with LightTools 3D solid modeling ensures that the optimizer delivers practical, realistic solutions that yield the best possible system performance, in a fraction of the time it would take to accomplish manually

  • Backlight Pattern Optimization for automatic design of backlight extraction patterns for LCDs, cell phone key pads, and automotive instrument clusters
  • LightTools’ interactive user interface is easy to learn and includes many features to boost your productivity as you create and modify illumination system elements.
  • Angular and spatial luminance analysis
  • Simulations of real-world conditions, including surface effects like polarization, scatter, reflection, refraction, and the performance of thin film coatings. Material effects such as dispersion, volumetric absorption, volume scattering, and color filtering can also be included.
  • Fast and robust forward and backward Monte Carlo ray tracing
  • Get accurate, fast predictions of your illumination system’s color performance.
  • High-fidelity transfer of models from CODE V for illumination, ghost image, and stray light analysis

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Nanoscale co-simulation

Use the industry's widest portfolio of highly accurate algorithms for rapid virtual prototyping of next-gen illumination and display technologies. 

The Best Support in the Industry

Our customer success team is anchored by experienced optical engineers who are experts on LightTools. If you ever need help, our team is available, along with comprehensive documentation, tutorials, FAQs, and more. 

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