LightTools is a 3D optical engineering and design software product that supports virtual prototyping, simulation, optimization, and photorealistic renderings of illumination applications. Its unique design and analysis capabilities, combined with ease of use, support for rapid design iterations, and automatic system optimization, help to ensure the delivery of illumination designs according to specifications and schedule. See feature details.

LightTools Features

LightTools offers powerful new features for the design, visualization and optimization of sophisticated optical components used in general lighting systems, freeform optics, light guides and backlit displays.

The latest release, version 8.6, includes these features:

Illumination simulation software
  • Tolerance Analysis
    With tools for analyzing performance changes based on errors expected to be introduced in the manufacturing process, the LightTools tolerance analysis feature allows you to evaluate performance, adjust the required precision to achieve acceptable results, and predict manufacturability and production yields. 

  • NURBS and Interpolated Curves Added to the 2D Objects Tools Palette
    LightTools can now create native NURBS (Non-uniform rational basis spline) and interpolated curves. 

  • Ray Data Source Support for Backward Simulations
    To address the frequent need to use measured ray data files in illumination design, LightTools now supports ray data sources for backward simulations. This improvement allows designers to perform more efficient luminance calculations made possible with these types of simulations.

  • Freeform Design Enhancements
    LightTools freeform design has been enhanced to support disk, rectangle, sphere and ray file sources for evaluation.

  • Light Guide Designer Enhancement
    The Light Guide Designer now includes an option to enable path angle optimization during spatial optimization.

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Why Choose LightTools?

If the performance or cost of your illumination system is critical to the success of your products, then you can depend on LightTools illumination design software.

  • Increase your engineering productivity
  • Enable faster time to market
  • Quickly provide accurate results
  • Fully integrated illumination optimization capabilities
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