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  • September 2023
    LucidShape 2023.09 release, TIS Pro, Important Notice Regarding Older Versions of Optical Solutions Software, 2023 Laser Focus World Gold Honoree, Events: PhotonicsNXT, Optical Solutions User Conference, ISAL

  • August 2023
    Improve Your AR/VR Design Simulations with Optical Scattering Measurements, The Next Revolution in Optics – Metalenses, Important Notice Regarding Older Versions of Optical Solutions Software, SmartStart Library Updates, SPIE Optics + Photonics, US Driving Vision News Workshop, Save the date: OSG User Conference

  • July 2023
    LucidShape CAA 2023.06 release, new CODE V Example Models, Workflow to Analyze Stray Light in Smartphone Cameras Using CODE V and LightTools, Post-IODC blog, Synopsys solutions for designing AI-enhanced computational imaging systems

  • June 2023
    RSoft Photonic Device Tools 2023.03-1 Release, CODE V and LightTools Glass Catalog Updates, Why Photorealistic Simulations are Crucial to the Design Process, LucidShape User Group Meetings

  • May 2023
    See what's new in RSoft Photonic Device Tools version 2023.03, LightTools surface conversion video, SmartStart Library updates, upcoming events

  • April 2023
    Latest software releases, Events: Introduction to CODE V, LucidShape User Group Meeting, learning opportunities, consulting services, other announcements

  • March 2023
    New version 2023.03 releases of CODE V, LightTools, LucidDrive, and RSoft Photonic Device Tools; Synopsys Optical Design Day, Tech Talks, Training, Latest Knowledge Base Articles, Design Assistance, Other Announcements

  • February 2023
    Software Updates: LucidShape CAA V5 Based Service Release, SmartStart Library; Synopsys Optical Design Day, Optical Scattering and Measurements Info Day, Upcoming Tech Talks and recordings, Illumination Fundamentals Courses, Short Courses for CODE V Optimization and LightTools Macro Programming, Latest Knowledge Base Articles, Other Announcements

  • January 2023
    New RSoft Release Available, Latest blog articles, SPIE Photonics West, CODE V Glass Catalog Updates, Upcoming Tech Talks, Illumination Fundamentals Course Series, Latest Knowledge Base Articles, IODC Lens Design and Illumination Design Problems, Training and Resources, Events

  • December 2022
    Holiday hours, Supporting Improved Workflows for Automotive Lighting Designers, Upcoming Tech Talks, Illumination Fundamentals Course, CODE V Example Models, Survey, Latest Knowledge Base Articles,  Training and Resources, SPIE Photonics West

  • November 2022
    Trends in Imaging Design: Using Image Simulation to Design Cameras; Finding Resources on SolvNetPlus; Latest Knowledge Base Articles; CODE V Info Day - Europe; Tech Talk Topics; Survey; Training and Resources; Events

  • October 2022
    Optical Solutions User Conference - Europe, Customer Survey, Resources Now Available on SolvNetPlus, Latest Knowledge Articles, Tech Talk Topics, Training and Resources, Events

  • September 2022
    MetaOptic Designer, TIS Pro, User conferences, Student Optical Design Competition Results, Survey, Customer Support Portal Decommissioning, Latest SolvNetPlus articles, Tech talks, Resources and upcoming events

  • August 2022
    User Group Conference, LucidShape CAA V5 Based Version 2022.06 now available, blog, articles, tech talks, SolvNetPlus Knowledge Base articles, CODE V example models, modeling refractive mold textures, SPIE Optics + Photonics, upcoming events

  • July 2022
    Latest blog posts, SolvNetPlus Knowledge Base, LightTools 2022.03-1 Service Release now available, tech talks, training and resources, and upcoming events

  • June 2022
    Latest blog post, RSoft Photonic Device Tools New Release, upcoming tech talks, training and resources, upcoming events

  • May 2022
    Tools for your designs, latest blog posts, LucidShape User Group Meetings, CODE V Service Release and glass catalog updates, upcoming tech talks, training and resources, upcoming events

  • April 2022
    How to Navigate SolvNetPlus Articles, CODE V and LucidShape User Group Meetings, Optica Technology Showcase, RSoft Photonic Device Tools Service Release Available, What's New on the Customer Support Portal, Latest Blog Articles, Optical Scattering Measurements and Instruments Info Day, Training and Resources, Upcoming Events

  • March 2022
    New 2022.03 Releases Available for CODE V, LightTools, and LucidShape

  • February 2022
    SmartStart Library Notice, Optical Solutions eLearning Courses Available, New SolvNetPlus Knowledge Base Articles Available for LightTools, CODE V & LightTools Short Host ID Retirement, Upcoming Events, Student Optical Design Competition

  • December 2021
    In Memoriam: Bruce (Jake) Jacobsen, LucidDrive v2021.12, Holiday customer support hours, CODE V & LightTools short host ID retirement, latest blog articles, upcoming events, resources, student optical design competition, social media

  • December 2020
    Holiday tech support, tech talk recordings, Customer Support Portal, Student Optical Design Competition, and other resources

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