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SmartStart Library Updates

The SmartStart Library includes optical properties and materials for commercially available diffusers, reflectors, mold textures, plastics, and glasses to help designers model optical systems with greater accuracy and physical realism. It is available as a separate module in LightTools and LucidShape.

Synopsys regularly adds content to the SmartStart Library on SolvNetPlus. The latest updates include additional optical properties and materials from well-known manufacturers including Covestro, Exolon, Wavelock, Dow and Trinseo. Additionally, some new catalogs were added for Docter Optics and LX MAA. VDI 3400 optical properties have been updated for better accuracy.

SmartStart Library Updates | Synopsys

To achieve the most accurate simulation results, we recommend downloading the new quarterly release, and replacing those datasets in your downloaded SmartStart Library with these newly published ones.

To access the SmartStart library updates and installation instructions:

  1. Log into SolvNetPlus.
  2. Click one of the following links:

If you are not currently licensing the SmartStart Library and would like to learn more, read our datasheet. You can also contact the SmartStart Library team at

New CODE V Example Models

CODE V example models provide opportunities to explore CODE V’s extensive design and analysis capabilities as you work on practical examples. Get a head start designing your next imaging application with example models in CODE V.  We have recently added the following example models to SolvNetPlus:

CODE V Example Model - Point Spread Function: Computation Parameters | Synopsys

  • Point Spread Function: Computation Parameters. This example shows you how to use the Point Spread Function (PSF) analysis and select optimal computational parameters.
CODE V Example Model - Polarization: Quarter Waveplate | Synopsys

  • Polarization: Quarter Waveplate. This example details how to model both an ideal and a real quarter waveplate in CODE V.
CODE V Example Model - Polarization: Cube Beamsplitter | Synopsys

  • Polarization: Cube Beamsplitter. This example shows how to convert a cube beamsplitter to a polarizing cube beamsplitter by adding a performance-based coating.

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