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Application Security Testing Services

You're building more-complex software faster than ever before, but does your team have sufficient application security skills and resources to test it for security defects? Synopsys security testing services provide continuous access to security testing experts with the skills, tools, and discipline needed to cost-effectively analyze any application, at any depth, at any time.

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We provide you with the flexibility to schedule and set the desired depth of testing. And Synopsys software security experts can help customize tests to your specific application needs. Make modifications to your tests at any time as business needs change or new threats evolve.

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Synopsys continuous workstream 3D subscription

Our annual subscription plan provides access to the same selection of on-demand static and dynamic application and network security testing services in a predictable cost and capacity model. Tests run sequentially around the clock, allowing you to optimize time and resources. Grow capacity at any time by adding workstreams.

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Do your applications or systems run offline or house sensitive data that needs to be stored on-premises to meet regulatory or compliance mandates? Synopsys also offers on-site testing performed by software security experts who can assist with customized testing and provide recommendations for improvements that address specific risk areas.

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Synopsys security testing services deliver

Flexibility. Our always-on, on-demand, and easy-to-use portal empowers you to manage and monitor your security assessments. Schedule tests, set the desired depth of testing, and make modifications as business requirements change and threats evolve.

Scalability. For resource-constrained organizations we provide scalable testing options that can be consumed on demand, through subscription or on-site.

Consistency. Get the same high-quality testing results all the time for any application.


Enablement. We walk you through your test results and help you develop a remediation plan best suited to your needs.

Comprehensiveness. Our blended, manual and tool-based assessment approach includes a thorough analysis of results, detailed reporting, and actionable remediation guidance.

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Bridge resource gaps with our team of security experts

Skilled application security resources are difficult to find and retain.  Most teams are understaffed, leading to gaps in security testing programs. Synopsys application security testing services provide a cost-effective solution to your AppSec resource challenges, so your team can make optimal use of your in-house resources.

Our team of experts:

  • Have years of experience securing a wide variety of applications
  • Perform thousands of tests each month
  • Won’t leave you with a laundry list of bugs
  • Ensure each identified vulnerability is carefully reviewed
  • Provide actionable mitigation and remediation guidance

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