ZeBu Server 4 delivers fast emulation

ZeBu EP1

Industry's Fastest Emulation Systems

Synopsys ZeBu® EP1 is the industry’s fastest billion gates emulation system. It delivers 10 MHz emulation performance using Synopsys’ proven direct connect architecture to optimize design communication to accelerate the hardware and software verification for SoC designs of up to 2 billion gates. With ZeBu EP1 users can achieve unmatched performance while supporting all familiar emulation use cases, including early software bring-up, hybrid, hardware/software debug, simulation acceleration, performance validation and in-circuit emulation.

ZeBu Empower delivers breakthrough performance for fast hardware-software power verification. Its performance enables multiple iterations per day with actionable power profiling in the context of the full design and its software workload. The power profiles can be used by software and hardware designers to identify substantial power improvement opportunities for dynamic and leakage power much earlier. ZeBu Empower also feeds forward power critical blocks and time windows into Synopsys PrimePower to accelerate RTL power analysis and gate-level power signoff.

ZeBu Server 4 delivers 2X higher performance over legacy emulation solutions, taking advantage of commercial FPGAs, and innovations in FPGA-based emulation software. These software innovations enable users with faster compile, advanced debug including native integration with Verdi, power analysis, simulation acceleration, and hybrid emulation. These use cases are further supported by the industry’s most comprehensive suite of transactors, speed adaptors, and virtual models, as well as comprehensive consulting services.