High Performance SoC Emulation, SoC emulation

High-Performance SoC Emulation

Synopsys' high-performance SoC emulation systems help engineers find hardware and embedded software bugs fast, shortening time-to-silicon.

Industry's Fastest Emulation System

With increases in the size and complexity of today's SoC devices and their embedded software, verification has become the critical challenge in the development process. Verification of both hardware and software before silicon is available is becoming the norm, and requires massive tests spanning billions of cycles. Meeting this challenge requires advanced verification technologies delivering the highest performance possible to accelerate the verification process.

Synopsys ZeBu Server is the industry’s fastest emulation system. The ZeBu solution includes the ZeBu Server-3 emulator and a broad portfolio of ZeBu Transactors and Memory Models, plus the ZEMI-3 transactor compiler for rapid development of virtual system level verification environments. ZeBu provides comprehensive debug and Verdi integration; it supports advanced use modes including power management verification and hybrid emulation with virtual prototypes for architecture exploration and optimization of both hardware and software.



Hardware verification, early HW/SW Co-Verification and Pre-Silicon Software Verification are critical to guarantee that your end product will be fully functional and meet its design goals, on time. ZeBu fast, high performance emulators provide comprehensive verification solutions across the entire SOC development cycle, increasing design quality, and reducing the need for costly re-spins.

Early Hardware Verification is Critical If You Are To Meet  Design Goals for ASIC emulation

Use TLM 2.0 integration with Platform ArchitectTM MCO and VirtualizerTM for Hybrid Emulation to validate the architecture of your SoC, early software development and software-driven SoC verification.

Accelerate your Verilog, VHDL or SystemVerilog simulation by an order of magnitude with Simulation Acceleration.

Use fast transaction-based verification to verify the full SoC design

Perform HW/SW Co-Verification and embedded Software Verification

ZeBu's support for embedded processor models is critical for early SOC HW/SW Co-Verification and Pre-Silicon Software Verification.

Fast and efficient Transaction-based Emulation is the enabler for many of the ZeBu emulator's flexible solutions. It is the underlying technology behind Hybrid Emulation, and enables a Scalable Debug methodology.