About Synopsys Emulation Systems

Synopsys ZeBu® emulation system delivers the performance needed to make verification teams and software developers working on the most advanced chips successful. ZeBu emulation systems are modular, allowing users to deploy the capacity needed in a scalable and easily extensible fashion.

Key Benefits

Breakthrough Performance

Fast hardware-software power verification

Multiple Iterations

Actionable power profiling in the context of the full design and its software workload


Emulation deployment efficiency


Users deploy the capacity needed in a scalable and easily extensible fashion

Synopsys ZeBu Servers

ZeBu Server 4 delivers 2X higher performance over legacy emulation solutions, taking advantage of commercial FPGAs, and innovations in FPGA-based emulation software. These software innovations enable users with faster compile, advanced debug including native integration with Verdi, power analysis, simulation acceleration, and hybrid emulation. These use cases are further supported by the industry’s most comprehensive suite of transactors, speed adaptors, and virtual models, as well as comprehensive consulting services.

ZeBu Server 5

The Synopsys ZeBu® Server 5 emulation system delivers 2X the emulation performance and 2x higher throughput compared to its predecessor, to enable SoC verification and software bring-up, and to address the exploding verification requirements of automotive, 5G, networking, artificial intelligence, and datacenter SoCs.

ZeBu Empower delivers breakthrough performance for fast hardware-software power verification.

ZeBu EP2

Synopsys ZeBu EP2 is the most scalable unified hardware platform for emulation and prototyping. It leads the industry with the highest performance and capacity scaling to validate long software workloads for billion+ gate designs.ZeBu EP2 builds on the ZeBu EP1 platform while improving the capacity density, and scalability provided by EP1.

Synopsys ZeBu EP1

ZeBu EP1

Synopsys ZeBu® EP1 is the industry’s first unified emulation and prototyping system. Users can take advantage of a single verification hardware system throughout their chip development lifecycle. With Synopsys ZeBu EP1 early adopters have achieved up to 19 MHz emulation and up to 100 MHz prototyping clock performance enabling them to run large amounts of software pre-silicon.

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