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Key Benefits

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Unbeatable PPA Results

Explore a larger scale of choices in chip design workflows.

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Fastest Time to Targets

Autonomously converge to tapeout-ready solutions.

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AI-Grade Productivity

Enable design teams to scale and operate at expert levels.

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Untap Insights

Reveal actionable insights from vast amounts of EDA tool data.

Full-Stack AI-Driven EDA Solutions for Chip Design and Verification

Synopsys.ai™ is the industry’s first electronic design automation (EDA) solution suite to use the power of AI from system architecture to design and manufacturing. Synopsys.ai suite quickly handles design complexity and takes over repetitive tasks such as design space exploration, verification coverage and regression analytics, and test program generation, while helping to optimize power, performance, and area. This frees up engineers to focus on chip quality and differentiation. AI capabilities can help teams quickly migrate their chip designs from foundry to foundry or from process node to process node. Synopsys.ai empowers engineers to get the right chip with the right specs to market faster.  Learn more about how these AI-driven solutions can accelerate the design of your chip.

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DSO.ai | Synopsys

DSO.ai: Achieve PPA Targets Faster with the World’s First AI Application for Chip Design

Synopsys DSO.ai™ searches for optimization targets in very large solution space of chip design by using AI engines to enhance power, performance, and area. DSO.ai facilitates massive scaling in the exploration of choices by building on training data and applying learnings across projects to accelerate tape-out and achieve PPA targets.

VSO.ai | Synopsys


Synopsys VSO.ai™ is the industry’s first AI-driven verification solution aimed at achieving higher coverage quality faster so that bugs don’t go undetected. The technology identifies and eliminates redundancies in regressions and automates root cause analysis. VSO.ai examines the RTL and stimulus to infer coverage and highlight coverage gaps, saving significant time and ensuring a high ROI on tests.

Test + -
TSO.ai | Synopsys


Synopsys TSO.ai™ is the first autonomous AI application for semiconductor test. It optimizes test program generation in complex designs to achieve maximum defect coverage with fewer test patterns. The result is faster automatic test pattern generation runtime and lower silicon test costs.

Analog + -
Analog Synopsys.ai | Synopsys


Synopsys AI-Driven Analog Design solution helps to accelerate the design, implementation, and verification of analog designs. An automated schematic migration feature eases the process of updating devices and parameters to reflect a new process design kit. And, an ML-based layout migration flow takes advantage of “learning” from a previous layout to quickly recreate a similar layout in the new technology, minimizing manual work. Finally, an AI-based design optimization capability ensures that the design achieves the desired target metrics within hours versus days.

Comprehensive Data Analytics from Chip Design to Manufacturing

Synopsys.ai also delivers the industry’s first data continuum solution to accelerate chip design, verification, and high-volume manufacturing. This AI-driven data analytics solution allows teams to unlock, connect, and analyze the vast amount of data collected across design, verification, manufacturing, test, and in-field operations. Its unique chip monitor technology enables optimization of power, performance, quality, yield, and throughput. The solution consolidated visualization accelerates root cause analysis at any stage of the IC lifecycle.

Design.da | Synopsys

Automated Discovery of Untapped, Actionable Insights to Accelerate Chip Design

Synopsys Design.da performs deep analysis of data from Synopsys.ai design execution to provide chip designers with comprehensive visibility and new insights and anomalies on PPA trajectories and specific opportunities for improving designs.

Fab.da | Synopsys

Improved Yield and Throughput for Efficient, High-Volume Manufacturing

Synopsys Fab.da provides a scalable data platform to store and analyze large streams of fab equipment process control data. It scales with the capacity of fabs and is capable of consuming petabytes of real-time data generated by the thousands of equipment in advanced fabs. AI/ML pipelines process this data to create insights and rapid analysis of manufacturing data for accurate diagnosis of yield issues. 

Silicon.da | Synopsys

Fast Identification of Silicon Data Outliers for Improved Chip Quality, Yield and Throughput

Synopsys Silicon.da leverages petabytes of silicon monitor, diagnostic and production test data from test equipment to quickly determine how to improve key chip production metrics such as quality, yield and throughput, while also improving key silicon operational metrics such as chip power and performance.

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