About Design.da

EDA metrics and tool-flow data are an under-valued and under-utilized gold mine of opportunity. Synopsys Design.da is the industry’s first comprehensive data-visibility and machine-intelligence-guided design optimization and signoff-closure solution that leverages this vast data to bring unmatched productivity and a better, faster, and smarter way to design. Combining industry-standard databases with a natively cloud-optimized architecture, Synopsys Design.da delivers better observability to help mitigate project risk, intelligently uncovers actionable data insights to enable more efficient designer workflows, and provides a knowledge framework for a continuously improving design process.​

Get smarter with your data to get smarter with your time!​​

Key Benefits

Data All The Time | Design.da | Synopsys

All the Data, All the Time

Enable better decision-making with a live, unified, 360-degree view of all tool-flow data across all implementation activities and projects.

Actionable Insights | Design.da | Synopsys

Actionable Insights

Probe extensively across all domains, across all time, with analytics views that deliver expert-level causation analysis and prescriptive solutions to unlock untapped PPA.

Knowledge-Led Design | Design.da | Synopsys

Knowledge-Led Design

Make designer knowledge shareable and continually improve design-process insights by leveraging both current and historical project data.

News and Blogs

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Shankar shares how unique Synopsys technologies, now including intelligent, Big-Data analytics-driven design, are helping customers deliver better chips, faster.

Bari discusses Design.da, the latest innovation from Synopsys, to help bridge the growing productivity gap with a vastly smarter way to design.


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