Key Benefits

Unified Compile with VCS
Transition seamlessly between simulation, emulation, and prototyping environments.
Unified Debug with Verdi
Find and fix bugs across all domains and abstraction levels for dramatic increases in debug efficiency.
Native Integrations
Achieve higher verification productivity, performance, and throughput.

Bring-Up Software Earlier and Validate the Entire System

Verify the entire SoC with industry-leading VCS® simulation, Verdi® debug, VC SpyGlass™ RTL static signoff, VC Formal™ Apps, and silicon-proven Verification IP. Leverage the fastest emulation system on the market for earlier software bring-up, and validate the entire system with Virtualizer™ virtual prototyping and HAPS® prototyping.

VIP, Transactors, Virtual & Memory Models Accelerate run-time, debug and coverage closure for SoC designs HAPS Industry's highest performance FPGA prototyping system ZeBu Industry's fastest emulation system VCS Industry’s highest performance simulation solution VC SpyGlass & VC Formal Next-generation static and formal verification solutions Virtualizer Start software development 6-18 months before RTL Verdi Visualization, analysis and management of a unified coverage database Planning & Coverage Integrated planning and coverage across verification platform The industry's leading machine learning solutions Cloud-optimized simulation and emulation solutions VERIFICATION CONTINUUM PLATFORM Hover for more details

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Verification CoStart Services

Our services specialize in enhancing productivity and reducing risk. Synopsys offers a liscensed CoStart program for formal verification, low power verification, static verification, and verification IP to accelerate the implementation of verification methodology. A 10-day service ensures deep engagement and assistance.

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