Synopsys Euclide enables engineers to find bugs earlier and optimize code for design and verification flows by identifying complex design and testbench compliance checks during SystemVerilog and Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) development.

Euclide accelerates correct-by-construction code development through context specific autocompletion and content assistance that is tuned for Synopsys VCS® simulation, Verdi® debug, and ZeBu® emulation, helping engineers to improve code quality during the entire project development cycle.

Synopsys Euclide features on-the-fly incremental compilation, elaboration, pseudo-synthesis and rule checking, all of which are integrated into the editor and provide feedback in seconds. Euclide helps to minimalize implementation bugs in RTL and testbench, improving project convergence rate and eliminating patchy code. 


  • Fast RTL and testbench checking
    • Runs on-the-fly while typing code, typically takes seconds to produce feedback 
    • Avoid re-spins, unnecessary simulations, and lengthy debug sessions
  • Accelerated coding
    • Context specific autocompletion and content assistance
    • Reference signals, parameters, and struct/class members
    • Instantiate modules and interfaces with all parameters and ports
  • View, review and navigate
    • Design and UVM hierarchy tree
    • View hierarchy-dependent values of data types and parameters
    • Semantic coloring and advanced semantic search

Synopsys Euclide Training Video Series

In this video series you'll learn how to use Synopsys Euclide for linting, cleaning the code from violations while coding, and testbench and chip design coding in action.