Static & Formal Verification

Connections for Static and Formal Verification software

Advanced Static and Formal Verification

Next-generation technologies to find bugs earlier in the design cycle, and accelerate root cause analysis.

Next-Generation Static and Formal Verification Solutions

Synopsys' VC Formal™, VC LP™, VC SpyGlass™ and SpyGlass® tools enable designers and verification engineers to quickly analyze and check RTL designs very early in the design flow, with no need for complex setup, testbenches or stimulus. This allows many bugs to be found and fixed before simulation, making simulation faster and more effective, and reducing overall cost, time and effort. Synopsys’ SpyGlass and VC Formal solutions are built on next-generation databases and engines to provide the capacity and performance required to verify the largest, most complex designs. In addition, VC Formal and VC LP provide unified design read and common look-and-feel with Design Compiler-like Tcl support, enabling rapid and easy adoption and excellent ease-of-use and debug. Synopsys offers comprehensive consulting services to accelerate adoption of these technologies as well as experts to drive these technologies for customer’s production designs.