Saber™ is a proven platform for designing, modeling and simulating physical systems, enabling full-system virtual prototyping for applications in analog/power electronics, electronic power generation/conversion/distribution, and system/wiring/harness design and mechatronics.

SaberEXP + -

Scalable Simulation Solution for Accelerating Power Electronics Design

SaberEXP delivers the fastest simulation convergence for early power supply, converter and motor drive designs with seamless export flow into SaberRD for high-fidelity system designs.
SaberRD + -

Integrated Environment for Simulation and Modeling

Comprehensive simulation requires the flexibility to model a wide range of component types at various levels of abstraction. Abstraction levels range from high-level architectural models to detailed behavioral models that mimic the physical attributes of the actual device.
SaberES Designer for integrated electrical system, wiring, and harness design

Integrated Electrical System, Wiring, & Harness Design

Vehicle electrical systems distribute power and data amongst electrical subsystems and components enabling safe, efficient, and cost-effective vehicle operation. The electrical system design process poses significant technical and logistical challenges to make it function reliably.