Saber™ is a proven platform for designing, modeling and simulating physical systems, enabling full-system virtual prototyping for applications in analog/power electronics, electronic power generation/conversion/distribution, and system/wiring/harness design and mechatronics.

SaberRD + -
SaberRD an integrated environment for simulation and modeling

Integrated Environment for Simulation and Modeling

Comprehensive simulation requires the flexibility to model a wide range of component types at various levels of abstraction. Abstraction levels range from high-level architectural models to detailed behavioral models that mimic the physical attributes of the actual device.

SaberES Designer for integrated electrical system, wiring, and harness design

Integrated Electrical System, Wiring, & Harness Design

Vehicle electrical systems distribute power and data amongst electrical subsystems and components enabling safe, efficient, and cost-effective vehicle operation. The electrical system design process poses significant technical and logistical challenges to make it function reliably.

CosmosScope - a premier graphical waveform analyzer

Premier Graphical Waveform Analyzer

Today's complex electronic designs generate a vast amount of simulation data. CosmosScope™ turns that mountain of data into useful information by offering unparalleled capabilities and flexibility to analyze design performance and ensure design quality.