About Saber

Synopsys Saber™ is a solution of high-precision virtual prototyping tools for multi-domain power electronics design that consists of SaberEXP, SaberRD, and SaberES Designer.

Saber allows an engineer to run complex simulations with varying component tolerances, generate best and worst-case results, and easily conduct “what-if” studies. Industry-leading accuracy lowers development costs by reducing the number of prototypes required. 

Key Benefits

Run Complex Simulations

Automated ‘What-if’ Studies

Reduce Number of Prototypes

Organize, Categorize and Visualize Results

Design Applications

Saber Virtual Prototyping

SaberEXP is a piecewise linear (PWL) quick converging simulator for power electronics, with seamless export into SaberRD. SaberRD adds an integrated design and simulation environment for mechatronic systems, with best-in-class analysis for power electronics validation.

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SaberES Designer

SaberES Designer is a wiring harness tool for optimizing wiring layout, materials, and costs, and can be integrated with industry CAD systems. 


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