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From the development of a DCT transmission control to the crosswind assist function – our software solutions inspire. Automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide use Silver and TestWeaver as a powerful environment for validating and testing the interaction of networked ECUs with vehicle components and for the efficient development of ECU software.

Additional Reference Projects

Honda: Chip Simulation for Virtual ECUs

Yutaka Murata: Chip simulation for virtual ECUs. Slides presented at the QTronic User Conference 2018, October 18th 2018.

Jianglu & Rongda: CVT Control Software Testing

Lionel Belmon, Liu Fei – Global Crown Technology, Beijing Zeng Weihua – Jianglu Rongda, Changsha, Slides presented at the QTronic  User Conference 2018.

Daimler: Powertrain System Simulation

Frank Uphaus, Renè Linssen, Daimler AG. Slides presented at the QTronic User Conference 2018, 18th October 2018, Berlin.

Tremec: Virtual ECUs for High Performance Transmissions

Tremec, by Ewaut Dewinter / Application software engineer, 2018, Slides presented at the QTronic User Conference 2018.

Schaeffler: Simulation and Test of a Mechatronic Active Roll Control

Huang, H., Hartmann, M., Awad, H.F., and Knetsch, D., “Virtual Functional Testing of a Mechatronic Active Roll Control,” SAE Technical Paper 2018-01-5012, 2018, doi:10.4271/2018-01-5012.

Bosch: Test of ESP Software

Since 2012, Robert Bosch GmbH is our customer. Bosch uses TestWeaver in conjunction with Software in the loop (SiL) simulation for robustness testing of the ESP software.

More Information:
Uwe Baake, Klaus Wüst, Markus Maurer, Albert Lutz: Testing and Simulation-based Validation of ESP Systems for VansATZ-online, 2014-02. Albert Lutz et al.: Gain of Efficiency and Robustness in the ESP-Application Process using Vehicle Dynamics Simulation with DoE- Methods. 12th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control (AVEC2014), Tokyo, Japan, 22-26.09.2014

SAIC: Systematic Testing of Transmission Control Software

Lionel Belmon, Yijia Xu: Intelligent Test-Case Generation for Automated Validation of TCUs, 11. CTI Symposium Innovative Fahrzeug-Getriebe und Hybrid & Elektro-Antriebe Berlin, 2012. 

BMW: Virtual Transmission-in-the-Loop

Rui Gaspar, Benno Wiesner, Gunther Bauer: Virtualizing the TCU of BMW’s 8 speed transmission, 10th Symposium on Automotive Powertrain Control Systems, 11. – 12.09.2014, Berlin, Germany.

ZF: Testing Control Software for Hybrid Drive Trains

Transmission maker ZF integrated TestWeaver into its development and test process. Key features of this integration:

  • virtual integration and test of control software using ZF Softcar and TestWeaver.
  • modeling of given system requirements (DOORS, Excel) as system invariants. Validation using TestWeaver. For validation, thousands of driving scenarios are systematically generated and analyzed, all system requirements are permanently supervised.

Martin Neumann, Mario Nass, Carsten Paulus, Mugur Tatar: Absicherung von Steuerungssoftware für Hybridsysteme, 5. Fachtagung AUTOREG 2011 Steuerung und Regelung von Fahrzeugen und Motoren, 22.-23.11.2011, Baden-Baden, Germany. 

Ford: Simulation and Test of Engine Control

Robert ter Waarbeek, et al: Virtual Simulation using QTronic Silver and TestWeaver. Slides presented at the QTronic User Conference 2018, October 18th 2018.