QTronic User Conference 2018

Virtual ECUs and Applications

Silver and TestWeaver have been on the market for more than 10 years. To celebrate, QTronic organized for the first time a conference on virtual ECUs and applications to the automotive software development. , , The conference took place on October 18th 2018 at the Harnack-Haus in Berlin and attracted more than 100 participants.

Dr. Jakob Mauss (QTronic): QTronic User Conference_2018, Opening

Dr. Anton Rink, Alexander Waiss (Daimler): Silver and TestWeaver for function development for automatic transmissions.

Ewaut Dewinter (Tremec): Virtual ECUs for high performance transmissions.

Dr. Thomas Liebezeit (IAV): Applications of virtual TCUs

Lionel Belmon (Global Crown): Automated test of CVT control software using virtual ECUs.

Daniel Albernaz (Volvo Cars): Virtual ECUs and coverage driven testing for electric propulsion.

Frank Uphaus (Daimler): Powertrain system simulation.

Johannes Foufas (Volvo Cars): Continuous integration and continuous validation with explorative tests for propulsion controls and calibration.

Dirk von Wissel (Renault): Virtual ECUs used to develop Renault’s Engine Management Software.

Dr. Yutaka Murata (Honda). Chip simulation for virtual ECUs.

Robert ter Waarbeek, et al. (Ford): Virtual Simulation using QTronic Silver and TestWeaver.