At Synopsys, diversity is in everything we do. We’re a company of 19,000+ people in more than 30 countries around the world. There is a richness to our global reach, as we benefit from the beauty and legacy of many cultures. With that benefit comes desire—to invest in our people, to empower their voices, and to promote equality and opportunity for all. Because when you work in a culture of trust, you’re more likely to bring your best, most authentic self forward—speaking up, sparking ideas, and sharing solutions. That’s what drives true innovation.

Our Inclusion & Diversity Journey

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When we took the first step, officially declaring our focus on building and developing diverse teams at Synopsys, we knew that it was not only the right thing to do for our employees, but also the right thing to do for our company and customers. Since then, we’ve initiated a variety of programs and practices to help us reach our Inclusion & Diversity objectives.

We actively encourage and celebrate the diversity of our teams, talent pipelines, and candidate sources. And to ensure equity and inclusion in action, we regularly review and advise on compensation levels, promotions, and salary adjustments. Inclusion & Diversity runs through our corporate values at every level—from our foundation of integrity to our execution excellence, from our dedicated leadership to our united passion for a better tomorrow.

Our leaders around the world are already creating programs and events that are designed to engage their teams to put the ideals of Inclusion & Diversity into practice every day. Our dreams are big, and we know we still have work to do—but we’re also proud of what we’re doing and where we’re going.

Employee Resource Groups

Synopsys Employee Resource Groups positively impact our business and work environment—and they’re key to building a workplace culture of inclusion.

Empowering Women

Recruiting, retaining, and recognizing women in technology is another core focus—with an emphasis on promoting women in STEM and the semiconductor industry. We’re actively working to hire more female engineers and leaders on teams around the world—and we’re committed to increasing the number of women at Synopsys. 

Empowering Women in Tech
Investing in Talent Incubation

Investing in Diverse Talent

We’re all about fresh ideas and perspectives—which is why we’ve made it a priority to support student interns and early-career candidates. In fact, 31% of our new employees have recently received their degrees. To us, it’s essential to continue bringing more diversity to Synopsys—because different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and experiences make us a better team.

Promoting Pay Equity

We believe that all employees should be compensated fairly for the skills and expertise they bring to Synopsys. We take pay equity very seriously—so much so that beginning in 2016 we’ve conducted an annual comprehensive pay equity review for all positions globally to ensure people performing similar work are paid accordingly. 

Promoting Pay Parity

Our Inclusion & Diversity Data

We’re committed to protecting the personal and confidential data our employees have shared with us—including defending it. We also believe in the importance of sharing composite data as a reflection of our dedication to Inclusion & Diversity—choosing to do so in a way that does not compromise our employees’ privacy and trust. 

Graph of global headcount growth
Graph of US ethnic diversity

Supporting Our Inclusion & Diversity Partners