Achieve the Best QoR and Productivity

Optimize Designs for Power, Performance, Area, and Yield

The Technology Behind 90% of FinFET Designs

Using the Synopsys Design Platform, you can quickly develop advanced digital, custom, and analog/mixed-signal designs with the best power, performance, area, and yield. Most of today’s cutting-edge FinFET high-volume production designs are implemented using Synopsys tools. Many of the optimization technologies developed specifically for the FinFET process also benefit designs at 28nm and other established nodes.

The Industry's Leading Digital Design Technologies

  • Rely on our Design Compiler® family of synthesis and test tools for the fastest, most predictable RTL implementation
  • Achieve industry-best QoR with our next-generation IC Compiler™ II place-and-route system
  • Shorten test pattern generation from days to hours with our next-generation TetraMax® II ATPG and diagnostics solution 

Visually-Assisted Automation for Faster FinFET Custom Design

  • Shrink FinFET design tasks from days to hours using Custom Compiler™ visually-assisted automation
  • Ensure accuracy, performance, and capacity with our industry-leading CustomSim™, FineSim®, and HSPICE® circuit simulators

The Gold Standard for Signoff

  • Leverage our PrimeTime® suite of tools for timing, signal integrity, power, and variation-aware analysis
  • Eliminate costly late-stage iterations by identifying and fixing voltage drop and electromigration issues earlier with PrimeRail In-Design power analysis
  • Model the physical effects of advanced multi-patterned FinFET technologies with our StarRC™ parasitic extraction tool

Production-Proven Physical Verification

  • Speed up design closure with IC Validator physical verification for In-Design signoff analysis and automatic repair of design rule violations (including multi-patterned FinFET)
  • Reach final DRC/LVS/FILL signoff faster with IC Validator’s high performance engines and intelligent multicore scalability

Synopsys Design Platform

The Technology Behind 90% of FinFET Designs 

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