Design Compiler

Concurrent Timing, Area, Power, and Test Optimization

Design Compiler® RTL synthesis solution enables users to meet today's design challenges with concurrent optimization of timing, area, power and test. Design Compiler includes innovative topographical technology that enables a predictable flow resulting in faster time to results. Topographical technology provides timing and area prediction within 10% of the results seen post-layout enabling designers to reduce costly iterations between synthesis and physical implementation. Design Compiler also includes a scalable infrastructure that delivers 2X faster runtime on quad-core platforms. 

Design Compiler is the core of Synopsys' comprehensive RTL synthesis solution, including Power Compiler™, DesignWare®, PrimeTime®, and DFTMAX™. Design Compiler NXT is also available and includes includes best-in-class quality-of-results, congestion prediction and alleviation capabilities, physical viewer, and floorplan exploration. Additionally Design Compiler NXT produces physical guidance to IC Compiler, place-and-route solution for tighter correlation to layout and faster placement runtime.

Concurrent timing, area, power and test optimization

The industry's most comprehensive synthesis solution 


  • Concurrent optimization of timing, area, power and test
  • Results correlate within 10% of physical implementation
  • Removes timing bottlenecks by creating fast critical paths
  • Gate-to-gate optimization for smaller area on new or legacy designs while maintaining timing Quality of Results (QoR)
  • Cross-probing between RTL, schematic, and timing reports for fast debug
  • Offers more flexibility for users to control optimization on specific areas of designs
  • Enables higher efficiency with integrated static timing analysis, test synthesis and power synthesis
  • Support for multi voltage and multi supply
  • 2X faster runtime on quad-core compute servers