DesignWare Technical Bulletin

This quarterly newsletter provides you with the latest information on DesignWare® IP, including in-depth technical articles, white papers, videos, webinars, product announcements and more. As the industry's trusted IP provider, Synopsys is committed to providing you with the resources you need to help you lower integration risk and speed time-to-market.

Featured Articles

  • New USB Audio Class for USB Type-C Digital Headsets – Learn about the features and advantages of the USB Audio Device Class (ADC) 3.0 specification, which will enable advanced functionality and is expected to be the standard for phones using the USB Type-C connector.

ARC Zone:  Advanced Processors Enable Seamless Human-Machine Interfaces for Virtual Reality
See how virtual reality capabilities will expand into a more immersive experience over the next few years, driven by advanced performance-efficient processors that can give us a more natural and seamless interface into the virtual world.

In-Depth White Paper

  • Assessing ESD Sensitivity of Interface IP Using Charged Device Model
    Due to the rapid growth in automated handling, manufacturing and assembly of electronic devices, CDM has become the primary real world ESD test model. This white paper describes the CDM ESD event and explains how IC designers can obtain actual CDM voltage levels of an SoC using the peak current level measured during the interface IP CDM qualification phase.