Longview, a Carnegie Technologies company, has partnered with GlobalSign and Synopsys to develop a robust IoT security solution for industrial asset management. Longview IoT technology is engineered for enterprise scalability, security, reliability, and performance, featuring a comprehensive collection of sensors, gateways, cloud analytics, and industry-specific applications. This solution ensures real-time, secure, and efficient industrial asset tracking and analytics.

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We have made IoT security the utmost priority with Longview throughout the entire solution, from our sensors to the cloud and into the field. Working with GlobalSign and their partner Synopsys ensures that businesses and users are protected by best-in-class technologies at every point in the system, ensuring that our solution is secure and future-proof for enterprises of any size."

Brad Bush


Managing Director of IoT at Carnegie Technologies


Carnegie Technologies' Longview IoT faced several challenges in developing their IoT asset management solution:
  • Scalable, Secure Platform: Needed a reliable and scalable security platform to build out their triple-layer security framework.
  • Supply Chain Security: Required a solution to secure their device supply chain from manufacturing through deployment.
  • Automated Certificate Management: Sought an automated platform to minimize manual management of Certificate Authority (CA) and Registration Authority (RA) services.
  • Easy Integration: Needed an easy-to-use API to lessen the integration burden on their development team.
  • In-Field Sensor Identification: Required agility in identifying and managing in-field sensors.


Longview’s triple-layer security framework was developed in collaboration with GlobalSign and Synopsys:

  • LoRaWAN Native Encryption: Provides 128-bit encryption for LPWAN networks.
  • Synopsys SRAM PUF Technology: Generates device-specific keys based on unique semiconductor anomalies, ensuring secure device identities.
  • Certificate Authority Services: GlobalSign provided CA-backed certificate provisioning to protect devices and data transmissions.


Key components of the solution include:

  • Private and Public CA and RA Services: Automated provisioning of device certificates during manufacturing (Birth Certificates) and in-field deployment.
  • IoT Edge Enroll Integration: GlobalSign’s platform manages Private CA and encrypts data communication, enabling secure connectivity to AWS cloud services.


The partnership and integration of technologies yielded significant benefits:

  • Optimized Development: The IoT Edge Enroll RESTful API streamlined security development and integration, reducing costs and time to market.
  • Automated Certificate Provisioning: Streamlined private CA and RA functions, reducing internal management costs.
  • In-Field Device Identity Enrollment: Enabled tracking and monitoring of existing assets.
  • Supply Chain Security: Secured the supply chain from device manufacturing through in-field deployment and operation.

By leveraging the combined strengths of GlobalSign and Synopsys, Longview has developed a secure, scalable, and efficient IoT solution that addresses the complex security needs of industrial asset management. This partnership ensures that businesses and users are protected by best-in-class technologies at every point in the system, making the solution future-proof for enterprises of any size.