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Make Better Optical Designs Faster

CODE V is the most capable, powerful optical design software on the planet. Intuitive, intelligent tools let you take on any optical design task, from the simple to the complex, and design better solutions faster than ever.

Save Time with Built-In Intelligence

CODE V's exclusive Global Synthesis AI is designed to give you the best design solutions, as fast as possible.

CODE V Built-In Intelligence Saves Time | Synopsys

Reduce Manufacturing Costs with Tolerancing

CODE V's built-in tolerancing is fast and accurate, making it easy to avoid costly manufacturing mistakes down the road.

Tolerance to Reduce Manufacturing Costs | Synopsys

Perform Accurate Analysis of Diffraction-Related Characteristics

Powerful, efficient diffraction analysis with CODE V Beam Synthesis Propagation.

CODE V Beam Synthesis Propagation | Synopsys

Get to Market, Faster

CODE V is designed to let you build products quickly and accurately. No other ray tracing software can get you to market faster, with fewer mistakes.

CODE V Gets Your Products to Market Faster | Synopsys

Key Features

  • Design optimization (including Global Synthesis) that speeds time to market
  • Fast, accurate tolerancing for superior fabrication support
  • Accurate, groundbreaking beam propagation analysis
  • CODE V's Glass Expert provides AI-optimized glass selection to maximize design performance and control manufacturing costs
  • Extensive built-in libraries of optical system models (patents, etc.), components, and optical glasses

  • Comprehensive graphics capabilities (pictures, data plots, shaded displays), including 3D visualizations and diffraction-based image simulations
  • Non-sequential surface modeling for unusual systems
  • Fast 2D image simulation to visualize optical system performance
  • High-fidelity transfer of models to LightTools for illumination, ghost image, and stray light analysis

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The Best Support in the Industry

Our customer success team is anchored by experienced optical engineers who are CODE V experts. If you ever need help, our team is available, along with videos, documentation, tutorials, example models, and more. 

Best Support in the Industry | Synopsys

Success Story: Mars Perseverance Rover Features First Zoom Lens in Deep Space

NASA Mars Perseverance Rover Mast Cam Zoom

360-degree panorama taken by NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/ASU

When NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover landed on February 18, it was an exciting day for space exploration and for our optical technology, which is being used in the zoom lens on the rover. Read our blog article to learn about Perseverance’s unique capabilities and how the Synopsys optical engineering team contributed to its design.


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