CODE V Feature Close-up: Global Synthesis

Obtain multiple design solutions in three easy steps

With CODE V’s Global Synthesis®, you have the ability to solve real-world optical design problems faster and easier than other approaches, such as genetic algorithms or simulated annealing. Because of its unparalleled efficiency, Global Synthesis can be used to help solve complex problems with a large number of variables and many constraints, including zoom lenses. Run times can range from just a few minutes for smaller problems to a few hours or overnight for complex optical systems. In either case, Global Synthesis has demonstrated a remarkable ability to generate multiple solutions, all meeting the required constraints.

Global Synthesis works in three easy steps.

Global Synthesis

Global Synthesis can quickly generate multiple design solutions, all meeting the required constraints. Use it to generate starting designs or confirm that the final design candidate is the best one.

Step 1: Choose your starting point

Pick any ray traceable starting point for your design. Use a patent search, first-order layouts, past designs, experienced guesses, or even parallel plates with an angle solve. Pick your merit function and define your constraints (such as focal length, packaging, and distortion).

Step 2: Put Global Synthesis to work

Global Synthesis will take your starting point and optimize it locally. Then it will automatically run a directed global search of solution space for other possible design forms and locally optimize them, saving each solution for further analysis and refinement. Global Synthesis will provide numerous optimized solutions, all meeting your required constraints, and sometimes including one global minimum.

Step 3: Select your final design

Global Synthesis will sort the solutions by error function. You can then select and analyze the most promising and refine one or more to a final design. Not surprisingly, this final design may have a different and perhaps improved form from your original starting point. Thus, it often provides the outstanding solution you were looking for. Or it may verify that your original configuration was the best, after all.

More Information

To learn more about CODE V and Global Synthesis, contact our sales team to request a product demonstration or trial license.