CODE V Feature Close-up: Glass Expert

Choose the best glasses for your optical design – automatically

CODE V provides expert tools based on unique, innovative algorithms developed by Synopsys’ optical engineers. By embedding our optical engineering expertise into CODE V, we help accelerate the design process and ensure optimum results on your optical design project.

CODE V’s Glass Expert makes the iterative design task of glass selection easier than ever before. It automatically chooses the best set of real glasses for your lens design that provides superior color correction (including the effects of secondary color), while considering factors such as glass transmission, cost, and weight.

Glass Expert

Glass Expert simulates the process an experienced optical engineer would follow in performing glass selection to maximize performance while controlling manufacturing costs.

Flexible Performance Criteria

Glass Expert quickly and efficiently simulates the process an experienced optical engineer would follow in performing glass selection. To start, pick the elements in your lens system you want Glass Expert to examine. Starting materials for the selected elements may be real or fictitious. Glass Expert will replace all fictitious glasses with real glass types.

Then, choose your criteria for filtering the glass selection. For example:

  • Cost. You can enter an upper limit for any individual element in the system. This allows you to specify that an expensive glass might be acceptable for a small element, but not for a large one.
  • Weight. You can enter an acceptable upper limit for the weight of the system. Prospective glass types are then restricted to those that are estimated to keep the weight of the system below the specified threshold.
  • Bulk absorption. You can enter an acceptable lower limit for transmission at the extreme ends of the spectrum. Glass types considered for the element are then restricted to those that would keep the transmission of the system above the specified threshold.

In addition, you can specify one or more glass catalogs (including IR materials and user-defined catalogs) for Glass Expert to choose from, and filter glasses according to refractive index and stain resistance.

The Result: Optimized, Intelligent Glass Selection

Once you specify your glass criteria, Glass Expert will perform an intelligent glass substitution based on the internal, expert algorithm. It will select glasses to optimize optical performance based on your performance criteria, such as:

  • System transmission
  • Differential thermal expansion for cemented elements
  • Maximum individual block element cost
  • Maximum total block cost
  • System weight

The end result will be a practical set of glasses for your lens system that improve performance, reduce costs, and maintain manufacturability.

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