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Actionable Insights Through Silicon Lifecycle Monitoring and Analytics

SiliconMAX™ is the Synopsys integrated Silicon Lifecycle Management (SLM) platform for improving silicon operational metrics at every phase of the device lifecycle. SiliconMAX is built on a foundation of enriched in-chip observability, analytics and integrated automation. Monitors enable deep insights from silicon to system. Meaningful data is gathered at every opportunity for continuous analysis and actionable feedback. 

Optimize Each Phase of the Device Lifecycle


Sensor-Based Silicon Aware Optimization


Product Ramp & Accurate Failure Analysis


Volume Test & Quality Management


Predictive Maintenance & Optimized Performance

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Semiconductor design, manufacturing and system deployment are being challenged on many fronts due to process variability, device aging effects, ever increasing performance expectations, and the continued reduction in time to volume. Synopsys is leading the industry to solve these challenges with the SiliconMAX SLM Platform, a comprehensive set of integrated tools, IP and methodologies. SiliconMAX intelligently and efficiently collects and stores monitor data throughout a system’s life and provides actionable insights through the use of powerful analytics.

IC and system developers using the SiliconMAX Platform will reap huge benefits, including more efficient design and improved quality. Predictions of in-field chip degradation or failure are extremely valuable for end users by enabling corrective action before sudden and catastrophic system failures.

Design Calibration Correlating silicon to design for improving margins Product Ramp Accelerating NPI by capturing systematic failure mechanisms Test & Production Automated high volume manufacturing analytics, reporting & production control In-Field Management Performance optimization and predictive analytics during in-field deployment of silicon Environmental Process, voltage and thermal monitors Structural Monitoring in-chip structures such as critical paths Functional Monitoring in-chip functionality such as bus transactions ATE On-tester embedded analytics Chip In-chip embedded learning engine for real-time control and analytics System Optimizing applications and platforms during in-field operation Silicon Monitors Embedded Analytics & Optimization Unified Database Retaining data throughout the lifetime of the silicon and system for traceability & analytics Cloud Analytics SILICON LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM SiliconMAX Hover for more details

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Amit Sanghani, senior vice president of engineering for the digital design group at Synopsys, explains how Silicon Lifecycle Management provides an end-to-end platform solution, leveraging existing, mature, world-class technologies within Synopsys. The SiliconMAX platform will continue to expand its capabilities for valuable silicon insights.


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