Silicon Lifecycle Management Platform

Silicon Lifecycle Management (SLM) is a relatively new process associated with the monitoring, analysis and optimization of semiconductor devices as they are designed, manufactured, tested and deployed in end user systems. SLM is based on two underlying principles: gather as much useful data about each chip as possible and analyze that data throughout the chip’s entire lifecycle to gain actionable insights to improve chip and system related activities. The Synopsys SLM Platform provides insight into critical performance, functionality, reliability, safety and security issues for the entirety of a chip’s lifespan. This enables the optimization of operational activities for all participants throughout the life of the SoC. Value from SLM will be realized by multiple teams including design, bring-up, test as well as the end users of systems incorporating these SoCs. 

Figure 1: Rich data set feeds analytics engines that enable optimizations each lifecycle stage

The Synopsys SLM Platform is tightly coupled to Synopsys’ industry-leading design implementation, signoff and test solutions, including: ​

  • Links to Synopsys’ golden signoff solution PrimeShield™ for guidance on optimal placement of the monitors and sensors ​
  • Automated and intelligent integration of the monitors and sensors into the RTL or gate-level design provided through the Synopsys TestMAX™ test integration solution
  • Direct links with the Fusion Compiler™ RTL-to-GDSII solution to ensure the monitors are integrated while maintaining optimal PPA design metrics

The Synopsys SLM Platform includes several targeted analytics engines that operate on available chip data to enable optimizations at each stage of the semiconductor lifecycle, starting with design implementation, and progressing through manufacturing, production test, bring-up and culminating with in-field operation: ​

  • PrimeShield closes the loop on design implementation by leveraging both silicon data based timing model calibration to minimize required margins as well as advanced analytics to further optimize design PPA, reliability and silicon predictability​
  • The SiliconDash™ semiconductor manufacturing analytics engine and the Yield Explorer™ design yield analysis engine use fab and test data enhanced with monitor and sensor data to optimize manufacturing and test operational efficiencies as well as improve overall yield
  • The Synopsys SLM Adaptive Learning Engine and Synopsys SLM Embedded Learning Engine enable optimized bring-up and introduce self-analysis as well as safety, security and predictive maintenance capabilities
The Synopsys SLM Platform exclusively combines extensive silicon device data and targeted analytics to greatly improve how chips and systems are designed, manufactured, deployed and maintained in the field.

Figure 2. Silicon Lifecycle Management Platform