Effective Monitoring, Test, and Repair of Multi-Die Designs

Despite clear advantages, there are numerous new challenges that need to be addressed for successful multi-die realization.

This white paper focuses on the multi-die test challenges: 

  • Bare chiplet level (pre-bond)
    • Probe, dedicated/functional pads for test
    • Test, diagnosis, and repair
  • Interconnects (mid/post-bond)
    • Die-to-die test access
    • Lane test, diagnosis, and repair
  • Multi-die stack/package (post-bond) 
    • Die-to-die, stack/package test access
    • Calibration, diagnosis, and repair
    • Silicon debug and diagnosis

Find out how to overcome such challenges with Synopsys Test and Silicon Lifecycle Management Solutions. Synopsys provides comprehensive solutions for testing and repairing various types of die-to-die interfaces and lanes. The solutions test for and diagnose known-good stacks and know-good dies, support extensive BIST capabilities, and offer in-field interconnect monitoring for purposes such as predictive maintenance. 


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