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Since 1991, the Synopsys Users Group (SNUG) has represented a global design community focused on innovating from Silicon to Software. Today, as the electronics industry’s largest user conference, SNUG brings together nearly 10,000 Synopsys tool and technology users across North America, Europe, Asia, and Japan. In addition to peer-reviewed technical papers and insightful keynotes from industry leaders, SNUG provides a unique opportunity to connect with Synopsys executives, design ecosystem partners, and members of your local design community.

Join your fellow engineers at the SNUG in your region. You’ll leave with practical information you can use on your current projects and the inspiration to create Smart, Secure Everything.

SNUG Conferences

North America

Silicon Valley   Mar 21-22, 2018 More Information
Canada Apr 21, 2017 Proceedings
Boston May 16, 2018 Call for Papers
Austin Oct 19, 2017 Proceedings

Asia Pacific

Shenzhen Jun 5, 2017 Proceedings
Beijing Jun 7, 2017 Proceedings
Shanghai Jun 9, 2017 Proceedings
India Jul 12-13, 2017 Proceedings
Penang Aug 21, 2017 Proceedings
Singapore Aug 23, 2017 Proceedings
Taiwan Sep 6-7, 2017 Proceedings
Japan Sep 8, 2017 More Information 


Israel Jun 7, 2017 Proceedings
France Jun 22, 2017 Proceedings
Germany Jun 29, 2017 Proceedings

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