Connecting the Synopsys User Community

SNUG conferences have connected Synopsys global users for more than three decades. SNUG 2023 will once again provide a place where users and technical experts can meet, network, and share ideas about chip and system design.

SNUG Silicon Valley 2023 marks a return to a fully in-person conference. We look forward to once again seeing our users face to face.

Present at SNUG Silicon Valley

Have you used Synopsys technology to overcome difficult design issues or tackle one of those key challenges facing the industry? We’d like to hear from you! Showcase your work and share your experience with the community by submitting your proposal through the call for content process:

Technical Committee

SNUG thanks the members of the Technical Committee who volunteer their time and expertise to support SNUG's technical quality and deliver the benefit of their perspective to the users of Synopsys tools and technology.

Technical Committee Chair: 
Savita Banerjee, Meta

Committee Members:

Sergei Babokhov, Intel

Gregg Bromley, Aeva

David Brownell, Analog

Leah Clark, Synopsys

Jon Colburn, NVIDIA

Andy Copperhall, Independent

Cliff Cummings, Paradigm Works

Al Czamara, Test Evolution

Jack Dong, NVIDIA

Ravikishore Gandikota, NVIDIA

Ronald Goodstein, Lockheed Martin

Anwarul Hasan, Independent

Zafar Hasan, NVIDIA

Anand Iyer, Microsoft

Ronald Kalim, Intel

Brian Kane, Northrop Grumman

Chris Kiegle, Marvell Semiconductor

Victoria Kolesov, Intel

Mohan Krishnareddy, Arteris

Boris Litinsky, Juniper

Charles Magnuson, Intel

Tom Mahatdejkul, Arm

Corbett Marler, Intel

Stella Matarrese, Synopsys

John Thomson, NVIDIA

Glen McDonnell, Broadcom

Don Mills, Microchip

Jeff Montesano, Verilab

Bryan Morris, Ciena

Naveen Mysore, Intel

Nitin Navale, AMD

Firouzeh Nourkhalaj, Synopsys

Sathappan Palaniappan, Broadcom

Sachin Parikh, Broadcom

Olivia Poon, Marvell Semiconductor

PD Priyadarshan, Cisco

Karthik Rajan, Microchip

Jeremy Ridgeway, Broadcom

Jason Rziha, Microchip

Kiran Sama, Amazon

Neel Sonara, Broadcom

Mark Sprague, Intel

Matthew Streyle, Samsung

Sean Sun, NXP Semiconductors

Ravish Sunny, Intel

Tony Todesco, AMD

Jeff Vance, Verilab

Sandeep Venishetti, Google

Upasna Vishnoi, Marvell Semiconductor

Viba Viswanathan, Samsung

Krishna Vittala, Microchip

John Wei, Analogix

Jing Zhang, Intel

SNUG Silicon Valley Bylaws

The SNUG Silicon Valley Bylaws are written with the intent of both providing for a valuable conference for Synopsys users and promoting the development of a body of useful peer-reviewed papers.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact the SNUG team

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