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DesignWare High Performance Core (HPC) Design Kit

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Developed in close collaboration with leading CPU, GPU and DSP IP providers including Imagination Technologies and CEVA , the DesignWare® HPC Design Kit is a suite of high-speed and high-density memories and logic libraries that allow SoC designers to optimize their processor cores for maximum speed, smallest area, lowest power, or an optimum balance of the three for their specific application. With optimized standard cells and SRAMs, the HPC Design Kit enables designers to optimize all of the processors on an SoC with a single package, reducing design costs and improving time-to-market. Optimized reference scripts and expert FastOpt implementation services are also available to help design teams achieve their processor and SoC design goals in the shortest possible time.

The HPC Design Kit is an add-on to the Duet Package of Embedded Memories and Logic Libraries.

HPC Design Kit Component Summary

DesignWare HPC Design Kit for TSMC 28HPM Datasheet

Introducing the DesignWare HPC Design Kit
Learn how Synopsys' DesignWare HPC (High Performance Core) Design Kit, a single package containing high-speed and high-density memory instances and standard cell libraries, allow designers to optimize all their on-chip CPU, GPU and DSP IP cores for maximum speed, smallest area or lowest power, or an optimum balance of the three. Hear about the latest results achieved through Synopsys' collaboration with Imagination on the Imagination PowerVR™ Series6 GPU core.

  • One design kit for optimizing all processor cores on an SoC
  • Includes ultra high-density memory compiler and more than 125 new standard cells and memory instances
  • Delivers up to 10 percent performance improvement on CPU cores and up to 25 percent lower power with 10 percent area reduction on GPU cores such as the Imagination Technology PowerVR Series6 IP core
  • Developed and validated with leading processor IP providers and customers
  • Implement your optimized processor cores in as little as four to six weeks with Synopsys FastOpt services