Synopsys IP OEM Partners

As companies increasingly turn to fabless ASIC vendors and supply channel partners to help build their complex SoC designs, Synopsys is proactively partnering with these vendors to provide seamless access to high quality DesignWare connectivity IP. Synopsys and its partners are committed to providing end-customers with high quality designs that help them bring differentiated products to the market faster and with less risk.

Alchip Technologies, Ltd. Founded in 2003, Alchip Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of silicon design and manufacturing solutions for system companies developing complex and high-volume ASIC SoC. Alchip's products are mainly used in HDTV, mobile phones, networking, computers, entertainment and other consumer electronics devices. It provides services intended to enable customers to cost-effectively address the challenging complex silicon design and fast time-to-market. For more information:
ASICLAND ASICLAND, a chipless and leading provider in ASIC industry, provide ASICs to OEM companies and Fabless. ASICLAND provides One-Stop turnkey service from specification to RTL, IP, logical design, physical design, foundry, package, test and mass production to failure analysis. ASICLAND is also focusing on the 4th industry ASIC such as AI, 5G, Block-Chain and IoT to lead the market. ASICLAND values customer satisfaction with product quality, cost and on time delivery. For more information about ASICLAND, please visit:
Brite Semiconductor Inc. Brite Semiconductor is a fabless ASIC company delivering the most cost-effective, predictable and reliable custom ASIC solution to electronics product customers worldwide. Brite Semiconductor uses proven design flow and methodology with advance design capability and provides end-to-end custom ASIC solution based on a proven business model that provides a seamless, low-cost, low risk alternative to traditional models for complex ASIC design and development.
Faraday Technology Faraday Technology is a leading ASIC design service and IP provider, certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 26262. With more than two decades of ASIC experience, Faraday has established a comprehensive design infrastructure, design flow and automation system, which has successfully delivered over 2200 ASIC designs and shipped annually hundreds of million chips worldwide. Faraday's expert design service realizes customers’ ideas in silicon better and faster, and be competitive on with more innovative features of IoT, automotive, AI, networking and varied applications. For more information, visit or follow Faraday on LinkedIn.
Global Unichip Corp. Global Unichip Corp. provides total solutions from silicon-proven IPs to complex time-to-market SoC turnkey services. GUC is committed to providing the most advanced and the best price-performance silicon solutions through close partnership with TSMC, GUC major shareholder, and other key packaging and testing power houses. With leading EDA tools, advanced methodologies, and experienced technical team, GUC ensures the highest quality and lowest risks to achieve first silicon success.
in Vecas INVECAS is a world class Product Engineering Company that provides custom solutions for the semiconductor industry. With an army of well-trained engineers, INVECAS can offer design services that span from Application Software to Transistor Level Layout in advance technology nodes including 7nm. Customers take advantage of our extensive experience in co-developing hardware and software under one roof to translate their ideas into real products. Our expertise in ASIC design & manufacturing has allowed us to serve the needs of 5G, AI, Automotive, Networking, Telecom, HPC, Data Center, Consumer and several other markets with competitive business terms that rival the Tier-1 ASIC providers.
Open-Silicon Inc. Open-Silicon, Inc. is a fabless ASIC company that was founded to set new standards for the predictability and reliability of ASICs and enable customers to differentiate their products through affordable custom silicon. Open-Silicon provides leading-edge ASIC design, open market IP integration, and silicon manufacturing services to customers worldwide. Through the "Science of ASICs" initiative Open-Silicon continues to introduce technology advantages that help customers increase their market success. For more information, visit Open-Silicon's website at or call 408-240-5700.
VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd. VeriSilicon is an IC design foundry providing custom silicon solutions and SoC turnkey services. VeriSilicon's technology solutions combine licensable digital signal processing cores, eDRAM, value-added mixed signal IP portfolio and other star IP into a SoC platform that extends below 65nm process technology.

For more information on the Synopsys OEM IP Partner Program, please contact one of the following:

  • Bruce Lewis, OEM Technical Manager at (949) 585-2732
  • Evelyn Yang, Product Solution Sales Manager at (650) 584-1654
  • Tom Griffin, Product Solution Sales Director at (973) 726-6127