Accelerating Robust Custom Design

The Synopsys Custom Design Platform is a unified suite of design and verification tools that accelerates the development of robust custom and AMS designs. Anchored by the Custom Compiler™ custom design environment, the platform features industry-leading circuit simulation performance, and a fast, easy-to-use custom layout editor complemented with best-in-class technologies for parasitic extraction, reliability analysis, and physical verification.

Key features of the Custom Design Platform include reliability-aware verification, visually-assisted layout, and Extraction Fusion and DRC Fusion technologies. Reliability-aware verification ensures robust AMS design with signoff-accurate transistor-level EM/IR analysis, large-scale Monte Carlo simulation, aging analysis, and other verification checks. Visually-assisted automation is a pioneering approach to reducing layout effort, especially for advanced-node designs, that is proven to deliver 2-10X higher productivity. Extraction Fusion and DRC Fusion technologies shorten time to design closure and reduce late iterations.

The Synopsys Custom Design Platform is based on the OpenAccess database, includes open APIs for third-party tool integration, and supports programming in TCL and Python.