Custom Design Platform Video Whitepapers

The Synopsys Custom Design Platform includes breakthrough technologies in simulation, reliability analysis, analog design closure, layout automation and signoff. Below, Synopsys engineers explain several of the key innovations that make the Synopsys Custom Design Platform the most productive on the market. 

Custom Compiler’s Visually-Assisted Layout Automation in Action

Soni Kapoor, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager in Synopsys’ AMS Design Group, discusses Custom Compiler’s Visually-Assisted Layout Automation technology in action as we finish an analog block in one hour that took three days to complete the old-fashioned way

Tackling Analog / RF Simulation Challenges with the Synopsys Custom Design Platform

Manu Pillai, Sr. Staff Applications Engineer at Synopsys, discusses common Analog / RF simulation challenges and how FineSim SPICE, an integral part of the Synopsys Custom Design Platform, can help address those challenges.

Quick Start Kits: Process-Optimized Solutions for Advanced-node Designs

Neel Gopalan, Principal Applications Engineer in Synopsys' Custom Design Group, discusses how Custom Compiler’s Quick Start Kits (QSKs) help designers accelerate layout and reduce design iterations.

Faster Custom Design Closure: Early Layout Feedback for Simulations

Michael Lynch, R&D Director for SerDes IP in Synopsys' Solutions Group, discusses how using Custom Compiler’s Partial Layout Extraction flow significantly reduces design iterations via early electrical analysis.

Visually-Assisted Automation: Graphical Guidance and Real-time Visual Feedback

Custom Compiler speeds layout creation with user-guided routing and reusable templates.

Early Electrical Analysis: Partial Layout Extraction

Custom Compiler reduces design closure time with signoff-quality early electrical analysis.