Custom Design Platform Customer Testimonials

The Synopsys Custom Design Platform is fast, productive and easy to adopt. Thousands of analog and mixed-signal designers are using it daily to deliver new designs at an unprecedented pace. Below, some of the teams who have already made the move to Synopsys share their experiences.

Design of CMOS Image Sensors with Synopsys Custom Design Platform

Adria Bofill Petit, Co-founder and CTO of IMASENIC, discusses how IMASENIC develops CMOS image sensor products for a variety of applications and achieve first-time right designs for these complex sensors using Synopsys Custom Design Platform.

Panasonic Success

Hiroyuki Tsujikawa, Director of Technology Management Office at Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions, discusses Panasonic’s partnership with the Japanese government on the “Society 5.0” vision, which uses AI and IoT to meet social challenges. Panasonic’s work on this project includes development of highly accurate spatial and battery performance sensing devices for autonomous control. Panasonic deployed the Synopsys custom design platform to accelerate the design of these high precision analog devices.

STMicroelectronics Success

Ashish Kumar, Sr. Manager, Memory IP division at STMicroelectronics India, discusses how ST uses the Sigma Amplification technology within CustomSim™ simulator to run 4+sigma Monte Carlo analysis on memory critical paths with far fewer samples than conventional approaches and thus ensure memory IP robustness in a cost effective manner.

DesignWare IP Team Success

Dino Toffolon, VP of Engineering for DesignWare®
IP at Synopsys, discusses his team's successful development of advanced, silicon-proven, mixed-signal interface IP using Synopsys Custom Design Platform.

Seagate Success

Ken Evans, Managing Technologist at Seagate Technology, discusses the advantages of using Custom Compiler™ design and layout solution on their storage design.

Esperanto Success

At DAC 2018, Michael Dierickx discussed how Esperanto Technologies automated physical design of an energy-efficient machine-learning processor using Custom Compiler™ design and layout solution.

Panasonic Success

Hiroyuki Kobayashi, EDA Group Manager at Panasonic, discusses how he and his team improved automotive LSI layout productivity using Custom Compiler™ design and layout solution.