SoC Architecture Design

Get your SoC architecture right, right from the start

Synopsys’ SoC Architecture team is ready to provide their expertise from years of designing mobile, automotive, networking, and IoT SoCs to your unique design.

Early architectural definition, analysis, and guidance

Meet your PPA targets without overdesigning your SoC. Minimize course corrections and hit your schedules. Gain insights directly from DesignWare® IP R&D experts. Synopsys SoC Architecture Design consultants get your SoC off to the right start. 

As part of your design team, the consultants apply and share their deep knowledge in:

  • CPU, DSP, ASIP capabilities
  • Establish low power strategy
  • Design of key blocks (RTL, ASIP)
  • PPA estimation
  • Memory architecture, bus bandwidth/latencies
  • Verification and FPGA-based prototyping

Ready to get started?

Contact us to learn more about how our SoC architecture experts can help your design.