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The Synopsys System Solutions team brings decades of experience and first pass silicon success, built upon Synopsys’ technology leadership. The team works closely with customers to disrupt traditional design solutions.   Our partner model enables customers to meet or exceed their most stringent requirements, driving next generation subsystem and SoC innovation beyond existing architectural limits.

The System Solutions team partners with customers and ecosystem players to deliver differentiated SoCs for segment-specific requirements from System Design thru silicon implementation with our System-Metric Driven Design methodologies.

FirstPass Engineering, a Synopsys’ subsidiary is a Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) accredited trusted supplier to the US Department of Defense.

Differentiate Your Designs with our End-to-End Solutions

SoC Design

New system architectures introduce new challenges in hardware/software partitioning and microarchitecture optimization. HPC, AI, and automotive segments are particularly dynamic markets where complex SoC development is getting more complex. Tight correlation between front-end design, implementation and package design are critical and require accurate performance and power modeling to meet product specifications. We offer flexible engagement models including turnkey SoC, subsystem block level and anything and everything between Spec-to-GDSII. We work closely with you to scale quality resourcing specific to your design needs.

Functional Safety (FuSa) Services

Synopsys provides automotive consulting services for each stage of ISO-certified autonomous driving and ADAS SoC development.  Our FuSa certified practitioners and technology experts deliver design and methodology services that integrate, verify, and implement your SoC with our DesignWare Automotive IP and native automotive solutions.  The team works closely with foundries to expedite your tape out to the automotive-grade processes that meets your needs.  We can architect your DFT methodology for safety critical blocks to diagnose if parts meet the most stringent requirements.

Arm Core Hardening and Optimization

Improve the core of your system with our Arm SoC experts and architects by optimizing your product cost, battery life and TOPs per application.  Use our Qiks for a DIY approach or leverage our solution architects and subject matter technology experts to accelerate your schedules while we ramp your team for your next generation product.  



Methodology Consulting and Flow Deployment

Advanced technology nodes make flow development an inevitable part of a design process. Our design methodology and flow deployment experts can help to optimize your existing flow, implement new sub-flows, or deploy a new one if needed. Our consultants have reduced months off flow-development with the LynxNXT Automation System, Synopsys’ tool automation, project reporting, and flow environment.

Physical Design and Assistance

Our design experts can assist your team throughout the RTL-to-GDSII flow process from performing specialized tasks, working on individual blocks, to full-chip implementations. If you are migrating your design to any of the advanced FinFET process nodes, or transitioning from an ASIC handoff to a COT flow, we can assist you in achieving better results faster, avoiding common pitfalls, deploy new flows, assist in physical design, and ultimately help your team to become self-reliant. Our design experts can help in optimizing your design for PPA, close timing, perform signal integrity, power integrity, and thermal analysis. 

Ecosystem + -

Ecosystem Partners

Synopsys has built bleeding edge solutions through years of collaboration with foundry ecosystems, leading 3rd party IP providers and EDA partners. Today, we continue to expand our Solution ecosystem to support companies looking to take more control over their supply chain from SoC development to volume production.



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Customer success requires the right level of partnership, first pass silicon success and supply chain ecosystems to get into volume production.  That’s why our customer satisfaction rating excels across a broad range of application segments, process nodes, emerging technologies and business models.

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