System On and In Chip Solutions

Overview of Services

Our design experts can assist your team throughout the SoC design flow process from performing specialized tasks, working on individual blocks, to full-chip implementations. If you are migrating your design to any of the advanced FinFET process nodes, or transitioning from an ASIC handoff to a CoT flow, we can assist you in achieving better results faster, avoiding common pitfalls, deploy new reference flows, and providing design services from architecture phase through implementation and engineering sample bring-up.

  • Type of Services
    • End-to-End Block, Subsystem and SoC Design and Verification Services from architecture through GDSII services with commercial and customer IP
    • Software / Hardware Virtual Prototyping & Co-design
    • Comprehensive Synopsys IP, with IP hardening and Subsystem design services
    • Arm core hardening, configuration, integration, and verification
    • Analog/Mixed Signal design and layout
    • Functional Safety (FuSa) services for automotive
    • Low power, micro-architecture (UPF)
      • Multi-mode multi-corner optimization
      • Multi-bit cell-inferencing
      • Multi-Vt leakage optimization
      • Clock gating
      • Power intent
    • HAPS Prototyping solution including Synopsys IP Prototyping Kits Integration
    • Engineering sample bring-up (SVB and SLT)
    • Program management


  • Architecture Modeling
  • Micro-Architecture Definition
  • RTL Design and Verification
    • Logic Design
    • Specification and verification plan development
    • Software (C/ASM) based verification
    • HW/SW System Architecture and Validation
    • End-to-End Performance/Watt validation
    • Constrained Random SystemVerilog UVM methodology
    • Functional/Code Coverage
    • Emulation, Virtual, Hybrid (Zebu)
    • Synthesis
    • Floor planning
    • Place & Route 
    • Test (DFT/ATPG)
    • Static Timing Analysis
    • Power Optimization
  • Design Technology Co-Optimization (DTCO) services

Vertical Markets Specific Services

  • Automotive
    • Functional Safety (FuSa) services
    • Automotive Safety Integrity Level -  ASIL B, ASIL D designs
    • Reference Flows

  • Aerospace & Government
    • Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) accredited supplier
    • Trusted resources
    • FPGA design  

Case Study

Project# A3HEJG: Design Exploration Helps Startup Prove Feasibility of IP Performance

A startup needed to prove its IP performance feasibility claims to potential customers. They hired Synopsys Design Services for Physical Design & Assistance.

Our consultants setup the flow, created a floorplan and performed synthesis-through-route-optimization tasks, including static timing and extraction. Subsequent analysis lent credibility to the client’s performance predictions for both timing and power.

The engineering manager described the engagement as “…much more than the standard consulting services…” describing the access to multiple Synopsys experts as like having “…a network of resources to tap into.” Synopsys Design Services delivered more than expected, “…helping us down the road” by also presenting recommendations for delivering the IP as a hard macro.

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