Physical Design & Assistance

We help you get better results quicker
and the most out of your SoC design resources.

Our physical design consultants are available to assist your team throughout the entire RTL-to-GDSII process, from performing specialized tasks, to taking on a block, all the way up to full-chip implementations. Hire us to:

1. Augment Your Physical Design Team:

  • Perform Specific Tasks: Our consultants are available to augment your team by performing dedicated physical design tasks at the block level, chip level, or even taking responsibility for a respin while your team tackles its next generation chip.
  • Assist with Advanced Process Node Migration: Is your company migrating to an advanced process node such as 16FF+, 10nm, or 7nm? Our consultants can help you get better results quicker while also helping you avoid common pitfalls.
  • Transition from ASIC Handoff to a COT flow: If your company is transitioning from an ASIC to a COT handoff, have our physical design consultants build the new flow, perform the physical design tasks, and ultimately help your team become self-reliant on future COT handoff projects.
  • Chip Optimization: Our consultants are ready to help optimize your chips for power, performance, and area. Hire us to help you close your designs for timing, signal integrity, and power integrity.

2. Become Your Temporary Backend Team:

If you don’t have an internal physical design team but would like to build one, our consultants can act as an interim team while you build yours. During this interim period, we’ll perform all your RTL-GDSII tasks. Finally, when the time is right, we’ll transfer the tasks over to your new team and support them until they are self-sufficient.

Project# A3HEJG: Design Exploration Helps Startup Prove Feasibility of IP Performance

A startup needed to prove its IP performance feasibility claims to potential customers. They hired Synopsys Design Services for Physical Design & Assistance.

Our consultants setup the flow, created a floorplan and performed synthesis-through-route-optimization tasks, including static timing and extraction. Subsequent analysis lent credibility to the client’s performance predictions for both timing and power.

The engineering manager described the engagement as “…much more than standard consulting services…” calling it, “…a network of resources to tap into.” Synopsys Design Services delivered more than expected, “…helping us down the road” by also recommending options for delivering their IP as a hard macro.

Want to learn more about how our Physical Design & Assistance consultants can help with your latest project?

We help you get better results quicker
and the most out of your SoC design resources.