FirstPass Engineering is a subsidiary of Synopsys, Inc.

Overiew of Services

FirstPass Engineering is an industry leader in secured design services from concept to production, enabling strategic clients to create cutting-edge products that raise the SoC design standard using world-class program management and IC design that is paired with successful track record.

Our expertise includes digital, mixed signal, analog, I/O, memories, and highspeed circuitry including SerDes. We have RTL expertise in both VHDL & Verilog and have taken hundreds of designs from specification through to fabrication. The probability is high that we have experience directly related to your requirements and type of project.  

Solutions Tooling and Design Flows

We epitomize the ability to adapt and flexibly to create solutions that are tightly aligned to the needs and requirements of your project. This involves customizing design flows and selecting the best methodologies for your unique needs. We are proficient in the use of EDA design & verification tools, synthesis, and physical layout methods, as well as skilled in industry standard configuration management.

We can provide an on-site team of engineers and employ state of the art security for those situations when engineers must work remotely. 

Digital security padlock with encrypted binary code on abstract circuit board.

Robust and Reliable Security

We maintain a high standard for protecting customer information. Non-disclosure agreements are established with every customer, while visibility and access to client identities and project information are internally managed and provided on a need-to-know basis.

Our lab services can assist your team throughout the silicon debug and failure analysis including SoC and FPGA integrity and intrusion detection, with technical expertise and a broad range of equipment.

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