Synopsys Design Signoff

There is no margin for error in leading-edge chip design and selecting the right tools for design signoff is critical to silicon success. Synopsys offers a broad and integrated portfolio of state-of-the art design analysis and signoff products, all based on the golden signoff foundation customers have come to trust. Synopsys continues to lead the industry in design signoff innovations to address the growing challenges of design complexity, scale and new requirements for chip design on advanced process nodes. 

Accelerate Design Closure

Synopsys' design analysis and signoff solution includes a broad portfolio of products for static timing analysis, advanced signal integrity, power and  power integrity, parasitic extraction, ECO closure, transistor-level analysis and library characterization. The native integration of signoff technologies with  IC Compiler™ II  and  Fusion Compiler allows physical designers to confidently realize the full performance-power-area (PPA) potential of the design with the fastest path to design closure.

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