High-Capacity, Single-Box, AI-Driven and Recovers the Most PPA Out of Your Demanding Design

Synopsys PrimeClosure is the industry's first AI-driven signoff ECO solution. Synopsys PrimeClosure is integrated with industry-golden Synopsys PrimeTime® Static Timing Analysis and Synopsys Fusion Compiler™ RTL-to-GDSII implementation solution to accelerate electronic-design power-performance-area closure time-to-results (TTR). Synopsys PrimeClosure features a unique architecture that enables customers to handle demanding design capacity and advanced node process complexity issues on a single box, delivering the industry's fastest turnaround time. Synopsys PrimeClosure delivers 100% Synopsys PrimeTime golden signoff STA optimization and includes LIVE integration to provide the most accurate ECO quality of results (QoR), resulting in predictable design convergence. Customers benefit from reduced ECO iterations, fewer design-cycle iterations, improved design productivity, and enables the fastest path to realize the end-product time-to-market goals. Synopsys PrimeClosure revolutionizes the last-mile design closure with automated AI-driven ECO, leading to significant timing, power, and productivity gains that were previously time-consuming and manual, and made the required PPA targets hard to achieve.

Key Benefits

Golden Signoff ECO
100% golden Synopsys Primetime signoff accuracy delivers predictable design closure and the least number ECO iterations
Improve PPA
Natively integrated with Synopsys Fusion Compiler solution hastens big-core QoR convergence enabling zero-iteration full-flow closure
Single Box
High-capacity, single-box, seamlessly runs billions+ instance designs and offers the lowest cost-of-ownership

Examples of Synopsys PrimeClosure Superior PPA Recovery

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